Pope Says This May Be Our Last Christmas


https://www.youtube.com/user/Realthingtv Pope Says This May Be Our Last Christmas. Pope Francis told crowds in St. Peter’s Square that this Christmas might …


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  1. surfjerr says:

    Pope Your Satans Bitch and may Satan use you like you have the multihued of poor humans !

  2. surfjerr says:

    Fear Mongering freak what do you know we don't ? what did Illuminated ones tell you ?/ Oh and Pope you prick of a non human how dare you use the word GOD ! Tell them of the minions you follow freak ! GOLD HUH POPE GOLD ! Jesus warned us of false Prophets and we know the word says no man can see or tell the end times !  You fake ass prophet  Cant wait to see what God does to your stinking ASS !

  3. The pope is the only one who speaks any sense. No hope for humanity at this point.

  4. kobehal says:

    Fukushima, Chernobyl, Hanford, Simi Valley, St. Louis, Indian Point, Nuclear Nightmares……..?????

  5. Great now we can go home and worship our real king of kings Lord if Lords….thanks for the great news….peace

    Have no fear Jesus is here… Real soon….God Bless you all..

  6. cjpwi says:

    The woman of Revelation 17.

  7. Stephen Graf says:

    Yeah because he probably plans to re-introduce Saturnalia.

  8. Love then Peace :)

  9. Bob Boldt says:

    I call this report Bullshit!

  10. Bob Boldt says:

    Totally fallacious headline. You are an asshole!

  11. Truth Europe says:

    says the final pope.,…

  12. David Harvey says:

    This video is rubbish. Showing still pictures and having an announcer tell us what the Pope is claimed to have said is NOT the same as showing him saying the actual words. The video is a fraud.

  13. Ten Nhaque says:

    We have all the documents spoken from Pope Francis in original language (obviously Italiano). The Pope DID NOT say so!

    This is the fraud and fake clip to be against the Papa Francesco.
    Be attention to mass media today.

  14. Francis and Obama are sworn enemies of Christ and Christmas

  15. Insane Obama wages war on Christmas too. He is trained and stationed by the naferious Jesuit order to bring down the protestant world and true Christianity. Now you all know.

  16. You fucking WHACKED !! out little pedo you who the hell are you to tell us we cant have christmas ,O and Popy Boy allot of this shit going on Is YOU !

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