Possible World War 3, White Race Rage And Darkness


Unscripted comment nationalist current , left , complete collapse of our nation , race , future and existence . I cover English and global news , …


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  1. Partenos 18 says:

    Mossad and cia created isis to destroyed Syria to remove Assad because he's not their puppet! And they created all these refugees to further destroy Europe!

  2. Partenos 18 says:

    Russia will destroy Isis not like the west that would drop bombs on innocent people's homes to create more refugees!

  3. Partenos 18 says:

    Destroy Multiculturalism!!!

  4. Cygnus X-1 says:

    Putin is white, so are the Russian people, that doesn't mean they are pro-white however.

  5. chuck Berry says:

    Alrite bro, nice one. I couldn't give a fxxk for kebabs or kebabland unless that pigfxxk degenerate. pm sends British troops in.

  6. You have a knack for the presentation from a certain pov … good on you.

  7. Good video, but please reduce the number of expletives.

  8. Atti Cana says:

    As always, a powerful and intense video, reflecting your rage and your passion, both of which I respect. Nevertheless, it is clear to me that you are falling deeper and deeper into the path of fanatical anti-semitism, all this talk of 'global elites'. This is the curse of White Nationalism, Satan's way of undermining and ultimately destroying a noble cause.

    But you must tell it how you see it. It's not for me to set myself up in judgement. Whatever way you go, I give you my respect. Peace out (-:

  9. Adam Adams says:

    You're not alone, Project.
    We're all in the boat with you, mate.

  10. Don Wright says:

    Not bright R u, not very bright at all.

  11. James Taylor says:

    wpww from northern California!

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