Post Presidential Debate Analysis – World War 3 With Russia! (Josh Sigurdson’s Call To Action)


Josh Sigurdson gives words of warning and a call to action following the final presidential debate LIVE on Facebook! He answers questions and breaks down …


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  2. And her foundation just transfered 1.8 BILLION TO A BANK IN QATAR ?? PLEASE WATCH!!!! DISGRACEFUL!!!!!

  3. leftslayer says:

    Henry Gruver had a vision of China & Russia 30 years ago in regards to the USA and Europe…

  4. Great job on your post debate analysis, Josh! 

  5. She says how much she cares for children, boohoo, yet thinks partial birth abortions are just fine and supports planned parenthood which sells intact aborted fetuses and body parts for profit. What a c**t!! And if you think it's too chilly to get out and vote or to act, wait till you see what nuclear winter feels like.

  6. victor pross says:

    I don’t see Trump as the “saviour of Western civilization” – I see the so-called “Progressive Left” as the destroyers of Western civilization. The culture is besieged with Social Justice Warriors, Cultural Marxism, Third wave Feminism, Cultural relativism – all of it is a creation of leftist, Western, nihilistic, post-modern philosophy professors and intellectuals – and this means that the issues run deeper than mere politics…. The current “war” is a war of ideas, and it is from this base is where a moral and intellectual fight must take place. By contrast, politics is a firecracker. Ideas are a fucking nuclear war – which leads to actual political wars.

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