“Predictive Illuminati Card Game”


Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at a theory about a certain card game… but this might be a theory where the core no matter …


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  1. Embictr says:

    It's like DeathNote…

  2. Deric Duguay says:

    Wolfs blood swordgrass takes fucking forever to farm

  3. JT Billings says:

    Steve Jackson games were actually a small business, they are basically well known for their really strange games and complex rules through the board/card game communities. You can find their more popular titles, Munchkin being one, in most game stores, and the others they can easily order for you. It not that it was released in secret, its that they don't need to do their advertising, because their products speak for themselves or rather, their reputation. A lot of their games get a cult following, and interest, but their events that they get called upon are interesting, such as the reason why they are in the game Uplink as a fixed company (one that will always show up).

  4. Halopwner42 says:

    pretty spooky

  5. E-TRON! says:

    your dad works for them ?

  6. LVvlogger says:

    Explains why music has changed and Life ( pc, iPhones, iPads and etc…. ) btw rap is so shit these days and music is shit too

  7. Andrew Noel says:

    I remember there was a manga series that coincidentally predicted 9/11 back in like '95. I think it was JoJo's bizarre adventure? I remember what series it was.

  8. Memewott says:

    luminarty did 9/11 luminarty will kill us all comfirmd???

  9. Tomzar tac says:

    I own a copy of the game

  10. Bubble Bass says:

    I want a krabby party

  11. I actually heard about this fiasco, this was the only game that Steve Jackson got in trouble for, if anything it became a nice marketing ploy.

  12. Amaranth says:

    Ah yes, the conspiracy theory so stupid even the game's creator has taken the piss ot of it is now a "creepypasta."

  13. Noodle Fish says:

    The Freemasons come to my job all the time. They wear their rings and hats around in civilian clothing. Even chatted with their leader once.

  14. BuwBuw says:

    i think everything is better than islam.

  15. Funnily enough; Deus Ex is the only thing that has a Illuminati story and is not shit

  16. "Too many people, making too many problems. And not enough love to go around." That's a Genesis lyric written by Phil Collins lol

  17. VijayThor says:

    Maybe terrorists are getting ideas from the card game

  18. Hmm. I cant see any MLG Dank get rekt 360 noscope. You probaly havent found the illuminati. You must have found some weird stuff

  19. is no one going to mention the fact he said he's dad works for illuminati lol

  20. I have the full set of these and I still have the creators signature. Ever prophecy and event is self fulfilling.

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