President Trump and the new world order


CNN’s Nic Robertson experiences on how a lot the planet landscape has adjusted right after just a person 7 days with President Trump in office.


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  1. CNN fake news channel is run by the illuminati

  2. Andre Irving says:

    Fuck CNN and the new world order satanists they represent. Trump is putting an end to it and u fuckers cant stand it. That shit aint no conspiracy theory anymore people open your eyes

  3. ihave35cents says:

    cnn needs to go back to getting drunk and piercing their nipples on the air.

  4. Svend Laue says:

    New world order is at the hands of everyone in the USA. ATM TRUMP, illuminati is a joke.

  5. Roy Mustang says:

    Trump supporters should be exterminated.

  6. The reason this video gets so many dislikes, is AMERICANS are sick of CNN leaning so far to the LEFT. This is propaganda plain and simple. Return to the middle, restore sanity to this great country.

  7. I'm moving to Canada! Whose coming?

  8. please hes doing good things. im a veteran and you are fake news!

  9. ra wige says:

    CNN is fake news! # biased media fucks!

  10. John Merlin says:

    Yes, the world is shocked. No more Obama getting on his knees and shining the moccasins of the mullahs.

  11. biff tannen says:

    we urge the united states to be subsevervant….CHINA

  12. biff tannen says:

    CNN sucks cocks in hell

  13. Beyonder says:

    China sea to gulf of Mexico. Everybody hates America. Its time the world to fight back against America and bring freedom to the American people by eliminating the racist facsist right wing thugs.

  14. What do they mean by "New World Order"?

  15. Just because Trump has backed out of TPP doesn't mean it's not going ahead, China has now moved to fill the void…so basically Trump just gave China more leverage in economic trade deals.

  16. Twixx says:

    Yeah because walls would help a new world order right? XD

  17. Josh Brown says:

    I thought the New world order was an conspiracy theory according to CNN unless they report on it. They admit trump is destroying their global government agenda. That is why we voted for him dumbasses

  18. jimbofergus says:

    Look at all those dislikes. Think i'll add to it.

  19. Radrugan says:

    Nice try CNN. But we all know that if you really pissed off about Trump, that means he just did something really good again for America.

  20. All these negative videos CNN puts out on Trump, its almost like they're the opposition party.

  21. Live2pl4y says:

    LOL liberals are shitting their pants 😀 Building up fear won't change anything and it won't help to win any of liberal candidate for President.

  22. Buck Futter says:

    He kept his word… and now it's painted with a negative light by CNN, the propaganda news network

  23. Did George Soros pay you CNN?

  24. If that makes a new world order, then that means ending the one already functioning; then sure.

  25. Sheogorath says:

    Get the fuck out of here, CNN, you fake new garbage!

  26. Beavis says:

    Why so desperate, CNN?

  27. KidGrow 420 says:


  28. Mr Wheels says:

    Trump is putting a stop to the piracy of American wealth and culture. We are standing behind the Republic with our lives. CNN is fake news and Van Jones is a racist.

  29. tableshaper says:

    I love it… GO TRUMP!

  30. Jermaine p says:

    This clown will go down in history as the chump that ruined America

  31. masta inc says:

    New world order pfffffff hilarious propaganda CNN

  32. hfredydl says:

    He will never change! Stop saying he may become diplomatic or Presidential! He was, is, and will be a coarse, rude, insulting, jingoistic authoritarian and that will never change.

  33. Ray Fire says:

    CNN is fake news

  34. CritiqueCat says:

    Relationship between us has defined the modern world?? hahahahahahah dear god, is this third world bitch serious? Americans cant even locate where UK is on the map, a small irrelevant island thinks they define the modern world? gtfo here

  35. PMC_BASIL says:

    Here u go u dumb trump supporters . U guys are responsible of his actions u r the one who got him to office . Fking ignorants garbage of America deplorables

  36. Get it right, CNN, there is a huge difference between immigrants and ILLEGAL immigrants. Funny you would use the words "new world order" too- coming from CNN, the world's leading propaganda pusher, they love telling Americans it's wrong to be patriotic, nationalistic, or proud of your cultural heritage and/or ethnicity.(unless Muslim). The immigration policies and practices for ILLEGALL immigrants literally give those persons more rights than OUR OWN CITIZENS. It's probably not a stretch to say that 75 percent of Americans are descendants of immigrants- LEGAL ONES. SELF INCLUDED. I highly doubt that as Americans (or any other countryman of any other country for that matter) could go to another country in the world and start changing their laws, demand welfare, medical coverage, the right to vote in elections, etc etc. We'd be laughed out of there.
    Hey, I got an idea! Let's go to Saudi Arabia and tell those guys running the joint we think women should be able to drive, and not be beaten and raped legally under sharia law. Here's to all the dummies who think sharia law is a good idea right here in the good old U. S of A….. QUESTION: if Suckistan was so great in the first place, then why move to the US? OH YEAH, because the Saudi government won't give you new cars, clothing, tax exemptions, and small business loans….some of these things actual citizens cannot even obtain. Let me just say how MUCH I love driving past the welfare office and seeing it packed with brand new cars- and not a Ford or a Chevy, nothing but the best for our illegal aliens! They get BMW's, Audi's Lexus', very high end cars, you get the idea. BTW, THEY CAN EVEN COLLECT BENEFITS FOR MULTIPLE WIVES! YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY ROME FELL? THEY IMPLEMENTED A WELFARE SYSTEM. IT TOOK 3 GENERATIONS FOR ROMAN SOCIETY TO DEVELOP AN ENTITLEMENT ATTITUDE. ( sound familiar?) history repeating much?

  37. apparently his high level staffers are using private servers. isn't this why hillary was soooo evil? because fox news said the phrase "e-mail servers " a quintillion times

  38. The new world order? Gee CNN, I thought that was a CONSPIRACY THEORY! I guess not when you're attacking Trump…

  39. supernana says:

    The TPP was the big plan for the New World Order.Trump is stopping the New World Order. People are awake we know what your doing here. Now all we will hear is Trump and NWO. Seems to me SOROS,CHINA,and the UN,all backed Clinton. CNN is Not NEWS!

  40. Sean lovi says:

    CNN = Thumbs down.

  41. Trump is doing a great job.

  42. Fuck building the wall…LET'S JUST NUKE Mexico…and take out the source of these son of a bitches ??? or we can invade the country and take out the Mexican government and drug organizations and take their land and resources for the ?? ???

  43. The left is trying to hijack viable conspiracies to suit their political agenda…via more lies and fake news. You people deserve to be flogged. What a failing pile of garbage.

  44. can u make even one positive video on trump no wonder why he hates you.

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