Prison Documentary 2016 – Part 2 – Gang Warfare


USA Brutal Prison Documentary 2016.


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  1. mike r says:

    they really should just take these gang members out back and shoot them like rabid animals they are, problem solved.

  2. Chau Ngo says:

    Answering to no authority at all? i got a solution: shoot them all!!

  3. The real gangsters are the ones who operate low key and dont worry about all this gang pride and bullshit hand signs.

  4. Lee King says:

    If after 1 stint in there doesn't convince you to go straight then nothing will.

  5. Gangs are just collections of down syndromes, they cant do normal hand signs as it seems their hands are disfigured, they like jumping when their talking and they should random words.

  6. That is one rough ass county jail.

  7. JohnLoCicero says:

    Orejon? Are they making this shit up?

  8. The Sargent in charge is a bout as much use at his job as a meercat would be under the same circumstances.  A guy, regardless of what the prisoner had done it wasn't for the sargent to judge.  A guy is wanting to kill himself and this sargent is munching away like a big fat gerbil.  And before anyone wastes time responding I have blocked all replies

  9. Was the prison swat team TRYING to march.  As an army veteran I have still not stopped laughing

  10. Lol why doesn't the intelligence agencies assist with taking the operating leader down first and taking the gang down from a top down approach instead of a bottom up approach.

  11. I wonder why I have not seen one single Asian in this documentary. Do they always keep the law or are they just too clever to get caught?

  12. rock hutson says:

    so is José gay now or just a bitch lol


  14. No es de extrañar que no quieran a los mexicanos, gente violenta y problemática

  15. Pheene Z says:

    Build a wall please Trump 2016

  16. Ayyy San Antonio represent! haha

  17. Donald Trump is 1000% correct.

  18. The US Justice system really is just a load of crap.

  19. yakuza allday erday

  20. I don't give a shit what you say, they're spurs fans. GO SPURS GO

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