Project Skyfold and the Arrival of Planet X Nibiru


Indigo Skyfold is the most secret covert black operation in world history. It is the jewel of all black operations and its purpose is actually 3 fold to control weather, to implement warfare and to cover up the existence of a second sun in our solar system.

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  1. great video you really opened my eyes to this I've been looking at this new planet and new star but your info is really good

  2. Howie Shea says:

    I always see a couple of chem trails around the sun. Harp projected off these?

  3. Me what could possibly go wrong in the next decade Scientist two supervolcanoes erupting

  4. They are spraying the skies to avoid rays coming from the sun, and that huge "Planet" is Venus, it has already been reported that Venus is getting very close to the earth and will get close to the earth until April 2017, then it will go away.

  5. Stacy S says:

    The bright star is Venus/Lucifer/wormwood as spoken of in Revelation. All hell is about to be unleashed upon the earth. Seek Jesus before it is too late!!

  6. well…r the governments trying to kill us off?? wow…this is deep !!

  7. I have witnessed this spraying in the sky!! later that evening there was a bad thunderstorm. in NOVEMBER!!! it normally snows in November. Michigan!

  8. GREG BIEL says:

    According to reputable scientists from CALTECH the PX isn't visible yet even though any of the telescopes . This indicates the PX is very far away but it's gravitational influence & our sun EMP's has contributed to climate anomalies on Earth . So how far is PX from Earth ? Neverending awareness (immortality) is science's goal and this planetary Treat from PX disrupts humanity's guest for immortal consiousnes .

  9. Amie Diehl says:

    This is what ive been saying ..ppl think Im nutters. oh well eventually they will figure it out

  10. Tim D says:

    The raining rocks in Turkey is actually hail stones which is chunks of ice. When the camera pans far left you can get a glimpse of them bouncing off the bank. Coincidentally I got a great sunrise pic this past weekend with tons of Chem lines in it.

  11. Have mentioned project indigo skyfold phase 2 ???? Depopulation also

  12. I dont think i will believe in this because God have to say how the world will end
    In South Africa its Summer now normally we have not much rain but from 2016 to 2017 its raining every second and 3rd day so which its funny weather for me

  13. I see that bright planet in the night sky in the S.W. there are also a lot of chemical trails happening every day where we live and I also seen something hovering in the night sky I also saw a ball of fire fall from the sky every night it is very creepy

  14. Mad Carroll says:

    OK I always take pics of the sky clouds etc well About 2-3weeks ago I've been doing this for a long time. Every single day now there's a black dot in the middle if the sun even on video then it looks like its moving. Anyone else ? am freaked out

  15. Mike Becker says:

    Wormwood' simple as can be"."

  16. Looks like a hail storm. Not rocks raining. Hard to tell with this video.

  17. Nora Beckham says:

    Ok,people in the US are protesting EVERYTHING now, yet no one is protesting against the chemtrailing? I live in NJ and see this crap so much I'm actually afraid to eat anything in my garden any more. When are people gonna stand together and do something about this? When half of the population is autistic and dying off from Alzheimer's in their 60s? I have been looking for any incoming planets near the sun with welding glass and binoculars on heavy chemtrail days and haven't seen anything unusual. It's probably being done more for solar or cosmic radiation management, or electromagnetic wave manipulation than to actually hide anything, and there's better more effective ways to poison people for population control. I just think they should stop treating us like mindless children and let us in on what's really being done.

  18. Go 2 the crop circles of 2016 . . They lay out exactly all of the dates, which events will take place . . 2 many people & animals, have bin robbed of their spirits by the Serpent & Octopus . . .
    Tricked in2 building CERN, in the same way Adam & Eave were tricked in2 taking a bite out of the apple of knowledge!!
    apple is wut ends the possibility of future creation in our Universe, because Humans got totally SNAKED </3

  19. John Manello says:

    hi i live in augusta ga i just stepped outside to the west is that bright pulsating object what u r discussing because it has freaked me out never have seen that before that is not a star please more info im am spooked

  20. Eyeof owl says:

    Why is the Vatican – THE Vatican — owner of largest telescope observatory? including the newest named L.U.C.I.F.E.R.? that is built on sacred Indian burial grounds SE Arizona?

  21. Nellie Price says:

    So why are they allowed to do all these disturbing things? Would like to hear your take on this!!!

  22. Nellie Price says:

    So,what will people have to do to survive this thing? Is it going to be THAT devastating? Out of the normal man's control,so no use to worry and beat one self up about it!

  23. 3rd week into 2017 and only seen blue skies twice. then multiple Chem-Trails planes, 25 minutes later, -black out Yes, I got it all documented. Archons are parasites, blimd 'em with white light. good video, thanks

  24. Dion Marinos says:

    I have observed the chem spraying when the coronal holes on the sun are earth facing,
    they are spraying to protect infrastructure from the deadly electron and proton spikes that have been off the scales, you can observe this your self , simply go to google and type integrated space weather analysis system and u can see when the holes are earth facing and when big ones are facing us they will be spraying they just might be spraying this week say jan 23 to 27 cause another holes is almost facing us again

  25. Still, one whiz-bang of a storm.

  26. It isnt just the weather and this strange stuff, its also all the local and international events and incidents that are going on also, human situations / conflicts or disasters are happening a lot.

  27. Things are changing because of what is written in the book of revelation, read the book.

  28. Abigail Bey says:

    Also add a fourth objective for Indigo Skyfold: Depopulation.

  29. silver Sun says:

    Many people believe HAARP has also been used to cause the ongoing drought in California and the SW United States. Some believe that strangle-hold has finally been broken over the last month, since it has actually been flooding there. Also, chemtrails can include many things, including viruses. It's best to not be outside much if there is heavy chemtrailing.

  30. TBmuch says:

    I have many photographs on my camera of unusual coloring of sunrise because the particulates are seen appropriately when the sun begin to rise or set. After the sun rise the man made clouds (chemclouds) turns whitish or greyish. Oftentimes in the morning these chem clouds or migration clouds have a tendency of being black. I had a grape vine that had put out new shoots and one day I noticed the new shoot, head down, and it died. There is certainly something in those chem sprays that will kill off certain plants at certain time.

  31. Anni Mock says:

    Isaiah 40:4 King James Version (KJV)

    4 Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain:

  32. Excellent reporting. There are a little more than a handful of Channels now, reputable and serious Channels reporting on Nibiru.

  33. Rocky B. says:

    I have a question , maybe you could help me with it. If our plant faces into the dark space , an "Venice" is an inside Plant, then how is it that we see "Venice" at night?..

  34. Burt War says:

    The most secret program is the Secret space program ran by private companies and the air force….

  35. momislazy says:

    I live in Michigan and have not been able to see this Nibiru. I saw comet ison as it passed by. We always have fluctuating temps and precipitation. Nothing too far out of the norm.

  36. I Benyus says:

    Latest earthquakes in Italy was an artifical ones. Marked well this the depth of quakes. All it was 10 km. This shallow depth can be happen when use the "eathquake weapon".


  38. Joseph Clift says:

    After the election of Trump things just struck me as wrong so, I've been doing some research on Bible text, Sumarian text, Hopi Indian text and We've been lied to. This is real.

  39. Great channel but not nearly enough new posts, its time for you to supply your viewers with more material!!! Please:-)

  40. tejada n says:

    I have noticed a bright star. extremely bright n big. I was wondering if it was nibiru or just a star. some ppl have told me that it's the space station. but I doubt it. thnx always looking forward on ur reports.

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