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Psychology of control – Mind Power Control Documentary Full Psychology of control, state of mind is a full length documentary on …


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  1. Luke says:

    Decent but incomplete analysis and therefore of little use on its own. They attack everything except the economic system, namely capitalism. Many of their critiques are inherently critiquing capitalism, but it's never stated or even implied. Free your mind? But then go to work accept domination in the enterprise? Allow your labor to be exploited at work but go home and resist the psychological manipulation of advertising? To what gain? Where is the greater choice these folks harp on about going to come from if we allow corporate oligarchization to proceed unchecked? Unfortunately, although I understand the sense in which they critique collectivization as it occurs now under capitalism, what's failed to be realized is that democratization of free enterprise, giving workers collective control over their economic activity qua the firm, would not lead to the same negative scenario of collectivization that they offer uncritically as the only one possible to us. Indeed, the government and economic and power elites and those who socially control the piecing out of violence in this world are to be resisted. But rather than narrowly focus on the government and the SYMPTOMATIC effects of media manipulation and power brokering by economic elites, this argument, to be effective in achieving its goals, has to venture into the reality of pure economic domination of the masses via the inherent unequal partitioning of and wealth built into our capitalist system of organizing labor itself. In fact, if you do what they suggest and just question a little further, you should be able to fairly quickly realize that such a full democratization of our society will lead to more individual liberty (contrast with individualism—a philosophy that goes much further than merely personalizing your own decision making to introduce many ills associated with constant comparison and competition with other members of humankind around you). It would not lead to mass collectivization of thought: that is still a power play by an elite class, a class which would disappear and lose all influence in an economically democratized society!! Hint: all the other ills perpetuated by this class as espoused in this film would be similarly subject to dissolution!! The truth is, a democratic workforce in which folks vote on the economic decisions important to their survival and well-being would require individuals to be critical self-reflective in order to effective, the inverse of the prediction of mass psychological collectivization. Sound more appealing than continuing on in our current fucked up social order with a bandaid of critical self-reflection that ultimately leads you nowhere, but just running circles inside the system that's caused you to have to develop such mental fortitude in the first place as a barrier to despondence and despair? I think so. So I hope you will see that capitalism is the framework in which this history of elite domination presently continues (better than ever if anything else, in terms of the prosperity of the propertied class). And further see that it's only by addressing this overwhelming flaw in our social order (how it is we organize labor and production, and thus distribute the monetary and property wealth of society under capitalism) that the masses of people are to escape the apocalyptic psychological damnation this film rightly predicts to be their fate if no change is made. A point of agreement: mass consciousness has to be developed among the productive, or servile, people of this world in order for there to be a hope for change.

  2. Manufacturing Consent Noam Chomsky full length documentary

  3. Duke Palk says:

    Small steps, but the end result is the wealthy want to be able to control the masses through food,gas etc. when the USA goes into a Marshall law status do to for example the Patriots act being extended because of terrorism whether domestic or foreign. The last thing the wealthy i.e. government want is a people's army taking over the surplus and being the ruling party even though educational factors played very little in the takeover. Any books mentioned herein are egotistical and tyrannical self lauding. why do you think the rich keep pushing for gun control and mainly the US senate. All wealthy recipients. My twist, so beware of operation paperclip, Mkultra it's widely used by vigilantes groups funded and supported by law enforcement who know very well it violates constitutional rights both federal and state. That's why they get their flunky's to do the dirty work. I'm out, take care of yourselves and the constitution. Real American Homefront people's.

  4. More people oughta be watching this. It really is the hard truth right there for you.

  5. Hello,

    I am an innocent being that has been violated every way one can be as well as a parent since my child-hood. I too am a career student. There is no such thing as control. Only through untraditional living (The "use" of flesh, dairy, timber & alloy as if it were shelter, sustenance & fuel despite instinct.)will any form of manipulation take place as untraditional living enfeebles the body, spirit & mind hence your "going along with" one addiction or another. The United States is a perfect example of what it is to defend innocence valorously as we set the revolving door for any would-be corrupt entity (non-entity) to put on a suit or not & parade about in attempt to do this or that "right in our/your/my face" instead of healing their self via traditional living (#vegan being the entirly accurate definition of traditional living as well as any denomination living traditionally..)despite instinct.

    Think self not ego or be hospitalized. My honor is my life as is yours.


    A child of nature.

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