Putin confronts the ‘New World Order’ (Valdai Part 2 of 2)


Enable me get this straight – if leaders of the planet mixed forces, we could relieve poverty and the continuous fear of terrorism? Could the Middle East be still left on your own, and not pillaged for oil, sending tens of millions of refugees into Europe, producing an unprecedented cultural catastrophe in waiting? Could specific gamers on the world-wide arena prevent financing terror teams overseas, hence getting rid of the menace solely? But wait around, you can find extra – Mr Putin is not calling for war with “the others”, due to the fact only WE are the superior guys? Not like Nobel Peace Prize holder more than there.

None of which is going on in the planet currently is an accident. It is a prepared and implemented strategy. Putin refers to these as “issues of the West” – but this is diplomatic-speak. They are not issues, but deliberate and strategic policy initiatives created to damage or economically enslave.
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  1. Fahim Fahimi says:

    TRUMP TRUMP ok Nice

  2. Ha ha ha, 7:37 guy in the crowd falls asleep.

  3. Everything was going well with his speech until he started passing propaganda in favor of the UN, when most of awaken people know that is precisely there where resides the heart and soul of the Illuminati's plan for a NWO. UN and NATO, warmongers and agents of destruction have been deceiving everyone of us making us think that they were working for us, when in fact they're working for the elites.

  4. Roger Solid says:

    Is he not part of the ones who wants a New world order?(remove the power of Ameica)?

    Don`t get this?

  5. Drew Hunkins says:

    There's a chance Killary going down last night may have saved the world from a possible nuclear conflagration.

    Trump said rather sensible things about how superfluous NATO is and wanting to cooperate with Putin via fair and honest diplomacy.

    I'm no Trump guy (I voted Jill Stein) but Killary was truly dangerous with the neo-con Zio-con warmongers she had surrounded herself with, and of course her track record of destroying the democratically elected, independent leader in Honduras; totally and utterly annihilating an independent Libya; and her lieutenants midwifing the Ukrainian fascist coup. She also had a penchant for incessantly demonizing Putin.

  6. Vladimir is brilliant no shlep I need him on Our Team. The only leader save the King in the Netherlands.

  7. Putin is not a blood thirst like the American government who go to other countries after they lable the leader there as bad leader, when in reality theyre the ones who providing them with arms. Putin wants peace while the US is asking for war which I think and I know is dumb from America's side. Putin for world leader…

  8. Ryan Cook says:

    Putin = Straight talking, Brutal honesty and the real deal.

  9. TINA COLBY says:

    Imagine the American voter, …to vote or not to vote. If the politic agreement world wide, and has not erradicated or stopped, let alone one word , and stroke of pen is next for invasion. Power and ultimate power unchecked, equals History magnified. They forget 2 of the same cord, one is not needed, which in the end, the Story ended. Why with the Advances of everything, must we be here, history repeating, except the Real 3rd World has not idea. Most individuals feeling and Care and Love what really is the Heart of What Matters to them and loved ones, and Loss is Loss, Poverty allows for much hurt. Let not Ruler decides for all, Lord have Mercy and deliver us from such aggression. Uncover, bind, and set down all Ill hearted,, liars hateful, Controllers to the Saving of your people! Let not anyone decide or rule the fate for the Heart,the real, against the good, morale, and Compassionate, who demonstrates so , or Undermine or eliminate those of Us, who practice such kindness . May the keen discern the False, guide their decisions, and protect and keep from Harm, hurt,destruction. Let truth Integrity Reign for Love is as Strong as Death.

  10. Dian Adams says:

    Mr. Putin is a great man………….

  11. Dian Adams says:

    too bad that Obama is not this smart…..Obama is an idiot and does not want to be friends with any country as long as he can invade with his muslims…..that is insanity and no one is in agreement with him as long as he acts like a fool……Obama the fool…….

  12. Jerel Damon says:

    That guy at 7:40 falling sleep. See that is what Putin is talking about. PAY ATTENTION!!!

  13. Stephen Lamb says:

    putins speech was world class. when obama is speaking he stops between sentences and looks around at the audience. as if to convince them that the pack of lies he spews is truth.

  14. What is the purpose of the New World Order? Why do you think Putin is confronting it?

  15. during translation of Citrusmartinus Sabbarie. I found the line, therefore father allow: 1,000,s Russian millers to occupy shallow dish,s if land! I hope this helps

  16. Haz Mat says:

    Who is that guy 7:38 lmao

  17. Thank you for posting….i have screenshot some images but i have your youtube emblem/profile..if you mind please just message me..

  18. I want you people to understand that together we are strong and we can do something against the WORLD ORDER. Stop voting the corrupted leaders over and over, it really doesn't matter if a politician in your country is a politician A or a politician B. Share this message with your friends and if you want to share your ideas with me – add me on my facebook page.

  19. The US & Europe should work CLOSELY with this president and in fact listen to his >>> IDEOLOGY. Putin is quite intelligent. Please lift all sanctions off Russia for almighty God's sake, and work with them for a safer world. Putin is full on integrity and everything he says make sense. Crimea WAS MAINLY Russians, what is wrong if they decided to join Russia?? What is anyone's business in that anyway? OMG. All these snakes who want war should STOP and think again that the situation would only get worse and leading to real confrontation with Russia. Why are we playing stupidity in the hands of cunning evil monsters playing a game of chess to purposely set up the United States & RUSSIA TO GO TO WAR? WHY PEOPLE CAN'T SEE THAT THIS IS WHAT THEY REALLY WANT? TO DRAW IN TWO WORLD POWERS?? WHY?

  20. ida snow says:

    I see a lot of those old men falling to sleep. Not fit to be sitting at such an important meeting…. they should be in Nursing homes.they are pathetic….

  21. why do people ask how wealthy putin is? he stepped forward at this speech willing to make EVERYONE enjoy the positive aspects of life such as a long life with healthcare, knowledge for all, and the end of poverty.
    he addresses important issues such as terrorism. america is fighting this war as well as the war on drugs for too long now without any positive outcome.
    the western media is leading this strong propaganda campaign against putin because he actually is for the better of all people and not only for himself and his country. pls people wake up!

  22. Just, simply, an amazing man. The more i watch him, and his beliefs, the more my respect grows. He needs to run the united nations……..and become the next US president. Lol

  23. My country Australia is Hell bent on following America and its a terrible shame!

  24. eradeziel says:

    Seems pretty measured and rational to me, as he usually does. Surely we should see talks like this reciprocated more on the world stage.

  25. CJ Locke says:

    like what he has to say.. #putin #preacher

  26. Jimizul says:

    Well said Mr Putin. But as long as the Western politicians are willing to be slaves to these elites/cabals/RKMs, then the road to peace and stability for all mankind is nothing but an illusion

  27. Pretty Democratic, not to mention inclusive rhetoric for a Totalitarian, huh? -Snap out of it, dumb-fucks! He's talking to YOU!

  28. peter R says:

    I do not think that any US politician, including President obama, could present such a speech, with such thoughts, and proposals, as President Putin. Putin should be nominated as Sect'y General of the UN.

  29. shanebrain says:

    american politics is a joke compared to russia. people dont know wether to laugh or take things seriously when presidential candidates are discussing or debating. Putin is a man of leadership and power. very few presidents have the traits he has.

  30. Artemis Moon says:

    part 1 spot on. Part 2 I disagree with. Communist UN New World Order
    agenda 21, 2030 is sinister at best, billions have to die in order for
    their plan to even have a chance. People will be living like rats in
    mega cities with water and food rations, while large areas of the planet
    will be left to mother nature to flourish. Even if it was as dreamy as
    Leaders make it out to be….there are too many evil power hungry people
    at the top that don't have our best interest at heart. It will always
    be that way, I completely oppose globalization, One World Government.

  31. cincin75ytb says:

    I am not a fan of Putin, but this time he is right. Modern world has so many new problems and so many old enemies which are urgent to deal with. It is impossible to resolve them by only one country or a small group.

    Further more, it is NOT like old time anymore, one or two countries could advocate the world and turn the tide. To make more progress for human world, modern countries must combine and make a great effort together not as Americans, Russians or Chinese but as human kind. Or we might take more heavy loss to medieval religion, sudden climate change, or global economic shock.

    Wake the fucking up, POLITICIANS!

  32. Hopefully when Germans rid themselves of Angel Merkel and the France rid themselves of Holland maybe the Western powers can make sense .

  33. Frank H says:

    The Valdai story, translated with English sub-titles. A story or a dream that most in the world want, not just for themselves but for mankind.

  34. We here in the USA love Putin and all people of the World as well. I love russian people! every person i ever met from there was a solid citizen! A bit rough around the edges like me, but thats ok! Bikers and skate dudes and great chefs, and you name it!1 russians are JUST like us, they want music, live free, have fun, work hard to have nice things, then more fun!! They are just like us…The Americans WHO HAVE NEVER & HAVE NOT SOLD OUT!

  35. These are very dangerous ideas "…to enable every country to become an equal partner in global economic activities…"! LOL!

    – Jesus was a very dangerous "man".
    – Yeah, "love your brother" is very dangerous!
    – No, really, he was revolutionary! 🙂

    If "love your brother" is revolution, then what kind of world is this?!

  36. Imagine after Nov 8th Trump will be compared to this guy. Trump going to be a worldwide joke.

  37. i always view NATO as a controlled escalation. but it was explained to me that is is "sort of" a lower power form of arms class, that for one thing, limits the potential of collateral damage, stray bullets do not go as far etc… that's what i gathered from carter . but i also gathered that t here is a lot more to it and at best it's just a treaty

  38. Don Cox says:

    i can't believe it took me until now to realize sideshow bob stepping on rakes was the writers having a go at America for committing the same mistakes over and over again

  39. LDV V8 says:

    I think scarily and precisely , Putin is right and I am a British person saying this.

  40. Mohd Kartika says:

    Always admired the way he put his message across to e world. Logically..sensibly.. calmly and … don't know how to else to deacribe him..
    I think he is e only one who understands what is actually happening in this world inside out..

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