Vladimir Putin. From KGB secret agent to president of Russia.
Putin, a politician with Style


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  1. RED1968 STEN says:

    W Putin jesteś ok

  2. Is that mercedes or what??

  3. Osama Nagra says:

    very nice influential as well Salute his respect giving attitude…

  4. Naik Michel says:

    Sopranos music :)

  5. Greetings Humbly Unto You, Valored King ~~~ Queen Of Prophetess, Olgotha, Year Of Our Lord February 10, 2017-1st YouTube -Smiling

  6. i need help. i am gremlin. please help.

  7. E4T6 says:

    woulda been cooler if that was a 7 Series.

  8. Black Pearl says:

    мая вторая родина☺.

  9. khan khan says:

    we pakistanis love Russian people and Putin

  10. whats is the name from the music please? thank you :)

  11. Nelson Perez says:

    i don't see no people, no cars where everybody go? look like he is the only one living there.

  12. Kunther Man says:

    How did you manage to make this video?

  13. ganeshj85 says:

    I really like his walk

  14. enes ergin says:

    Aga adam tehlike amk karizmaya baksana

  15. LS Wong says:

    Can't wait for Trump and Putin to meet!

  16. Mr. Putin is swag as fuck. I got nothing but mad respect for this man! The absolute majority of Russia has complete adoration for him, and he has not faltered from finding the ones who seek to exploit him. Mr. Putin will eradicate all corruption within his countries staff, I am certain!

  17. A piece of crap! Who is of the disagreeing – dwell a bit in Russia! Of course, in my skin!

  18. Clive says:

    What is this, a russian propaganda film?

  19. abdi jamah says:

    real leader's Putin & Edogan ✌

  20. A huevo este wey es una verga asta para caminar y no es tan en canda loso en sus es coltas como los de estados unidos que pasan con sus sirenas y muy prepotentes

  21. coolest president ever! look at that walk such a boss!

  22. Putin is the most badass president ever!

  23. Putin is a STAND USER !

  24. Seriously everyone has to applause him every day?

  25. They are all criminals, now and always, they and the Illuminati

  26. Miron D says:

    How about we stop talking shit about USA and Russia and only start again once we have dealt with everyone's common enemy?

  27. Damon Damon says:

    tough and honest leader,,,,,, never crying publicly like Obama

  28. peter parker says:

    asheghtam poteen???

  29. he is a very very good looking man look nice all the time

  30. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta…..

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