Rabbit Proof Fence – The Video. (Fencing For Free Range Rabbits)


As I write this we have 4 does and two bucks out there. The rain is lashing down as usual, but they seem alright. There’s nearly a third of an acre for them – but I …


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  1. thats the perfect thing after such a stressful day. thanks!

  2. shoot the stoats

  3. hope you have not got mink they have given me a hard time

  4. Liz Reece says:

    Brilliant video – thanks so much for taking the trouble to give so much detail. Currently my 2 rabbits are munching away in a huge pen in the sitting room… free range inside is fine if cables are out of sight.
    I wonder whether your rabbits chase pigeons in the garden like mine do!

  5. it's wonderful to watch rabbits and guinea pigs play in fact all animals/birds are peaceful to us humans, thanks for sharing a good video. Take care because we care Duncan & Rebecca

  6. liboriopsych says:

    Where I am, there are no guinea pigs… Just a few for pets, and those are typically reserved for the, "Crazy Cat Lady" down the street.  It is nice to see them in their natural habitat.  I think I'll get some… I guess that would make me a…(scratching my head) Hmmm…?  Oh well, LOL.  p.s… nice to see you all being good Stewards of the land.   Good Luck,   +Blessings

  7. deb bracey says:

    hi, thanks for this video, I don't think I've seen a boring video of yours, cute bunny's it looks lovely where you live. Thanks.

  8. Rusty Case says:

    ..Nice rabbit fence video, Tim ! Thanks for posting !
    It would be nice if you posted your wire twisting machine, too.
    This, is a common view we get of rabbits…
    Best rc

  9. Good luck with your rabbit venture.. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say, Sure would like to see your fence making machine… Take care and keep the camera rolling…

  10. I wish we had pheasants back like before ddt poison and the death of small family farms. your friend marc from west falls new york usa

  11. BooBarr says:

    I loved the video; you don't sound sleepy at all – just calm. I agree with your analysis on the effect of rabbits at play on the human mind; great video, thank you for sharing!

  12. Lynne Smyth says:

    Please could you show us the machine that makes the fencing? Thanks :-)

  13. Paul Gdry says:

    I suppose, that if you consider it.. rabbits allowed to reproduce in the wild are a bit like an animal version of bamboo. Once it gets started, there is just no stopping it.

  14. That was so calming. I loved it. I admire they way you keep the rabbits . Thanks for sharing

  15. notsunkyet says:

    Not boring at all, I especially like your narratives. They are always informative, clever and humorous. Keep up the good work and make more videos please. I know that is asking a lot as you have so much to do as it is. Whenever I get the email saying you've posted a video I stop whatever I am doing to go and watch it. And many, like this one, I watch more than once.

  16. Thanks for the look at the furry hoppers Tim 🙂 I like your wire & paling fence idea, looks very snazzy.
    Cheers sir.

  17. I am very surprised there are no owls in your country side. The wire extension on the fence is very clever.

    Ahhh it sounds and looks like Spring for sure

  18. trollforge says:

    Yes Tim, a video of your wire twisting machine would be much appreciated!!!

  19. My mom used to have rabbits and cats and if shes taught me anything, it's that cats really don't like it when rabbits thump. I think it would be unlikely for a cat to chase rabbits into their warren, but it's still a possibility.

  20. Thegavprison says:

    show us the machine!!!

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