Radiation Levels in California Rain Recorded at 506% Above Normal


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A radiation test carried out after a storm swept through Southern California has recorded radiation at 506% above normal background levels.

The EnviroReporter, through their Inspector Alert nuclear radiation monitor, has conducted over 1,500 radiation tests with the most recent one being by far the highest levels seen.

As noted in the YouTube description, the rain tested was composed primarily of sea mist formed over a choppy ocean.

“Sure enough, a rain composed primarily of sea mist formed over a choppy ocean with high winds tested higher than any other Los Angeles Basin rain since Radiation Station Santa Monica began fallout radiation tests March 15, 2011, four days after the unabated meltdowns began.

The rain, not impacted by so-called “natural” radon progeny, came in at a whopping 506% above normal, more than high enough to qualify as a hazardous material situation for the California Highway Patrol.”

These levels will most likely be downplayed by nuclear apologists and the NRC especially when you consider the fact that the NRC has openly covered up the dangers posed by the three nuclear Fukushima meltdowns in what is now known as Plumegate.


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