RAGE’D 3 MUSKETEERS = Tower GONE! Clash Royale Insane Strategy!


WoW! Clash Royale Instant tower elimination using three musketeers and the rage spell, I was NOT ready for that attack strategy! ✓Clash Royale Playlist …


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  1. Game Freak says:

    what is that song?

  2. Best card in the game=Credit Card

  3. Michael Danh says:

    idk why but I feel like the posing of the kings in the video were based off stock photos

  4. I get my first super magical an I'm in arena 2 lv 4 can you beilive that 8 epics 39 rares omg IM so happy but also not beachside I have an silver chest opening ?

  5. Clash Royale says:

    This clip is absolute garbage. This is the latest version of the cheat all you need to do is to search " maxiesguides " in google.

  6. 3 MUSKETEERS + Mirror ????????????

  7. kaiver555 says:

    Haha these legendary arena ppl r prob rich kids xD

  8. Hey what's that clip 6 seconds in where the guy has 3 Xbows from

  9. estevao6 says:

    i used once prince and mini pekka with rage it took the tower really quickly

  10. slammin sam says:

    I watched u about a year ago or so. I just came back bc of royale and u are very different.

  11. Mr. Spider says:

    They should add builders

  12. is that face hunter

  13. I swear, they need to nerf the musketeers. also, I didn't know you could get giant chests, I thought they were solely from gems

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