Ramin Djawadi – The King’s Arrival


Game Of Thrones – Original Soundtrack – Season 1 – Track 05.


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  1. Maybe robert wasn't a great king, but he kept the lunatics in check. No one fucked with him. Not the boltons, not the lannistars, not the greyjoys and not some religious fanatics. 

    Rest in peace the most badass men in westeros.

  2. The throne is mine!

  3. A really good song

  4. I am the king of the seven kingdoms, me, PePe of house 4chan, king of the andals and the first men, lord of 4chan and reddit

  5. alex G says:

    just amazing!! but 3 ppl dislike this song  they need to be punch in the throat

  6. frycook48 says:

    Though I love Warrior of Light, this is the best track in the whole show.

  7. xiang lei says:

    This must the theme music of House Baratheon

  8. Ge El says:

    Catelyn: Where's Arya?
    Nedd to Bran: Where's your sister?
    Arya to Sansa: Where's the Imp? Where's the Imp?
    Cercey (thinking): 'Savage girl'. 'Fucking Tyrion'

    This scene in S1E1, always make me laugh

  9. Jon Snow says:

    The Nostalgia this song brings…….. 2011 Game of Thrones Winter is Coming wow the good old days… PREPARE YOURLSEVES…. GoT SEASON 6 is COMING!!!!!!!

  10. "Running Man" brought me here. Beautiful track!

  11. Best piece of music in the show and it's in the very first episode. This song fucking rocks.

  12. Quincy Ryder says:

    I can listen to this all day!

  13. frycook48 says:

    RIP House Baratheon 🙁

    The pretender houses just aren't the same!

  14. Nicolas00 says:

    "Your mother was a dumb whore with a fat ass!" -Robert Baratheon

  15. You can tell Ramin Djawadi worked with Hans Zimmer. He's just as amazing.



  18. Alex Burgess says:

    Ours is the Fury!

  19. Adonnus100 says:

    What instrument is at the start?

  20. jessc1979 says:

    I've listened to the soundtrack from the first 5 seasons and this one is definitely my 2nd favorite (You can guess which one is the first).

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