Real-Life Fukushima Horrors: Farmer sees 16 of his 30 horses die suddenly this year, No disease, no parasitic worms, high cesium levels — “Daughter Douses Herself In Gas, Lights Up, Crying “Why Did This Nuclear Disaster Happen To Us?’


The Guardian: For decades, the 62-year-old horse breeder [Tokue Hosokawa] barely registered that his farm was just 40 kilometres north-west of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. […] Like several other farmers in Fukushima, Hosokawa ignored a government order to exterminate all of his horses and cows. […] “Just after the accident one of the horses gave birth. When I saw that foal get to its feet and start feeding from its mother, I knew there was no way I could leave.” […] in January this year, he noticed that several among the 30 that remained, mainly foals, had become unsteady on their feet. […] Within weeks, 16 had died in mysterious circumstances. Autopsies on four of the horses found no evidence of disease and tests revealed caesium levels at 200 becquerels per kilo – four times higher than the government-set safety limit for agricultural produce, but not high enough to immediately threaten their health. […] “I’m worried that we’ll find more dead horses this winter.” […]

Farmer sees 16 of his 30 horses die suddenly

A real life horror story of one family and a young girl who in 2012, continued to try to kill herself.

She would get headaches, stomach aches, sore throats, she attempted to jump out of a one story window, then she actually doused herself with gasoline and tried to light herself on fire, crying out “Why did this nuclear disaster happen to us?”

That and other real life horror stories are told in the first two videos shown below, uploaded to YouTube in June 2013, with English subtitles.

The third video is yet another horror story, this time for the world as Fukushima continues to pose a global threat. The status of Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean.




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  1. Guest says:

    Obviously, “the Japanese are potential terrorists, for being anti-nuclear”!!

    (Over 90,000 people, lost there businesses, their homes, & beloved pets/live stock…..)

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