Real Scary Hurricane Footage – Is It A Conspiracy ? Documentary Questions Rising Tide In Hurricanes


Is Hurricane Matthew Headed for NY ? Is Hurricane Matthew a Conspiracy to Hit Guantanamo Bay …


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  1. seeeLAH1 says:

    holy shit ,this for reallll?

  2. Gina Brown says:

    T BROWN RECORDS Look at this!


  4. Jamie Osgood says:

    The opening scene was hurricane Charley as it went through Port Charlotte. I was in the middle of that shit. It was bad.

  5. growing up with hurricanes, i never saw one as scary as Matthew. not even Katrina.

  6. fuck this shit in in florida

  7. Mother nature does not discriminate……Go against her, and you may not see tomorrow.

  8. This is not a conspiracy of the illuminati, but the wrath of GOD showed trough this terrible storm!

  9. I used to live in NJ but when sandy came it was really bad like really bad it knocked down like 20 trees at my old house ripped the meter box of the Side of the house and it hit the Side of my dads truck and the worse part it my dad had a 3500 dollar or more generator but it caught on fire and broke we were out of power for 3-4 months and we had a frozen turkey in the microwave

  10. Jesus Oz says:

    So Everything which you done to the others it come back to you , this is only beginning what will happen coming up . Be ready America you killed to many poor people and broke nations around the world . Now it is your turn. Also America will go under a water. God knows best

  11. Jason Havlik says:

    Weather is not a conspiracy motherfucker! Global warming and climate change is real stop posting stupid shit.

  12. wow I live in Tampa Florida and they canceled school for nothing everybody in florida should move to Tampa nothing bad ever happens seriously it's. sunny right now no harsh rain here it's really weird hurricane ericka and mathew have it other places in florida except tampa so move here

  13. i dont like hurricanes u know :0

  14. Hurricane Godzilla!

  15. Sissy says:

    Geoengineering, called chemtrails actually prevents precipitation! I live in Southern California where we are in emergency drought and when I see heavy aerosol spraying it tells me "rain is coming". Rain clouds need moisture and lift and chemtrails prevents lift and that's only one of the reasons that we don't get rain. They use phase array radar to install high and low pressure and park it for days in front of and on top of California, which is not normal and it shows up EVERY TIME before the storm comes. These high and low pressure act just like a wall and immediately changes the jet stream forcing the storms to go into any direction they want it to go! They also use microvave RF and super heat the core in hurricanes and you can see it actually blow it apart! THIS IS THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM OF CLIMATE CHANGE!! There is an excellent you tube channel that's been posting every storm trying to come into CA for over 5 years almost everyday of the week!! Watch it several times so that you can see it with your own eyes and KNOW WITHOUT A SINGLE DOUBT THAT THE WEATHER IS BEING MANIPULATED AND CONTROLLED BY THE MILITARY COMPLEX WHO ARE ATTACKING THE WHOLE PLANET WITH WEATHER WAREFARE!!

  16. Conspiracy? Quit trying to scare kids.

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