Rebuilding AFC Wimbledon – Ep.63 Arrivals And Departures! | Football Manager 2016


In this Football Manager 2016 lets play we take control of the AFC Wimbledon, the club formed from the ashes of Wimbledon FC, with the aim of first overtaking …


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  1. These videos are becoming to be my addiction. However it might be the best addiction in the world.

  2. CR_LFC says:

    I saw Odegaard go from Real to Liverpool for £150M

  3. Large transfer, my own in a LLM-save, where did take over Milan after playing with Guiseley, 92 Milj euro, or think it was over 100 Milj euro. A winger that was train at Milan in young age. Fantastic player but such a overprice. He cost 1,92 Miljard swedish or in euro. crazy really

  4. SantosSCP says:

    That is crazy, just today I sold Lincoln to PSG in my Sporting CP save for 96 million euros 1 year after buying him for 3 (with future fees but ended up not paying them). I've seen higher but on my saves that's the biggest I've seen and the best is that it was for me!
    Btw, do you know if you can check like the biggest transfers ever in the save, with the fees of real transfers included aswell like Ronaldo's and Bale's?

  5. I saw Real Madrid sign Jeff Reine Adelaide from Man Utd, yes, Man Utd, not Arsenal, for £175 million

  6. Duarte! 🙁 Keep check on his progress.

  7. I saw Kemar Roofe leave Oxford to join PSG for £256m last year. He then won World Player of the Year the next 3 years in a row and retired at the age of 30 after a series of knee ligament injuries kept him out for over a year and a half. Scenes.

  8. Really sad to see Duarte leave, hope you can get him back later on. He was, by far, my favorite player on your team.

  9. 926Gaming says:

    In one of my saves barcelona paid £78m for Marco Reus.. .that's the highest i have ever seen

  10. king26thfc says:

    unlucky fella, hate those dominating performances and still not winning, but, did you only have one clear cut chance from 10 on target…

    did i just notice Gareth Bale back at Tottenham (spurs fan),

    enjoying the series, keep up the excellent work. Much appreciated.

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  12. Ste97R says:

    So how did Bellerin do in that Ballon D'or?

  13. Ste97R says:

    I wonder how Jeff Reine Adelaide is doing…

  14. So boring that you have so few brittish player. I know that english playing is expansive, but can you not at least have some more scottish and welsh player.

    The game was just like Milan-Bologna in IRL, I have had some of this matches as well, where you are very unlucky. You are as good as the opponent and get nothing, it is really annoying.

  15. Jimbo says:

    #QOTD £55M for a (GER) ST from Dortmund to PSG in 2038 on #FM14

  16. jay6366 says:

    i once had a save in fm15 where i was newcastle it was 2030 and i was the undisputed best club in the world and i had money to blow so i bought this german striker for £250 million just because i could more than anything

  17. Diogo Cruz says:

    i was training FC Porto (FM15, 2016/17 season) and i sell Pione Sisto to PSG for 90 Million

  18. Jamie T says:

    I had a player demanding a release clause too. He had two years left on his contract, and luckily he eventually stopped asking for it.

  19. niallgreene1 says:

    I had Andreas Pereira demanding a release clause too, at 12.5m, very annoying.

  20. I think AI offers you those multihundredmillion deals to hint that you should bugger off. No way any team would turn down 100mil for almost anyone. With 325 mil you could maybe squeeze Ronaldo Pogba and Messi to your team if you have the reputation to temp them.

    Relatively good month apart from the livecom. Unlucky. Great show of positivity at the end of the video.

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