Reflections on Newtown Tragedy


As the guru of pop-psychology in America, Dr. Phil McGraw is probably well qualified to make pronouncements on the tragic murder of school children and teachers that took place in Newtown, CT, on Dec. 14. Yet, if he joins the chorus of those seeking quick-and-easy solutions to such a complex problem, he becomes part of the problem, rather than part of the answer. (If indeed, there is a solution to this growing horror.)

Only in the last two minutes of Phil’s appearance on the ‘Doctors Show,’ (Dec. 17) did they dare to brush on more fundamental issues underlying the phenomenon of mass-shootings by deranged individuals. Before they could get into any kind of analysis, the credits were already rolling. Keep that image in mind, for it is symptomatic of the entire manner in which the mainstream media treat all such traumatic events.

Using the power of mass media, the authorities (both seen– i.e. politicians, and unseen– i.e. powerful interests behind the scenes) control the complete tone of the public debate on any issue. For decades, the ‘media line’ has been to support all manner of ‘liberal/progressive’ ideas, such as gay pride, and freedom of expression as it manifests in explicitly violent movies, and explicitly sexual music videos. At the same time, the media pretence at analyzing cases of real-life outbursts of violence (e.g. Columbine; Aurora) has consistently focused attention on immediate, proximate ’causes,’ so that the implied solutions are always (and inevitably) of a superficial, futile nature.

The current anguish over bullying is a significant case in point. Authorities bemoan bullying and come up with all sorts of ‘programs’ designed to ‘raise awareness’ and other such amorphous tactics, (pink T-shirts, anyone?). Meanwhile, our police officers are out beating and tasering citizens who are, apparently, considered as criminals until they can prove otherwise.

There’s a real disconnection between our simple-minded thinking and the reality in our midst. You can’t have peace in a warlike nation; and you can’t have sanity in an insane society. By any objective criteria, today’s Western society is profoundly sick. We say we want peace and security, but our leaders keep starting new wars. We want to end bullying but we can’t see that it’s woven into the fabric of our ‘free-market capitalism.’ We want to end violence… but we’re enthralled to watch it depicted on our TV screens for hours on end.

Yet, as Dr. Phil commented, there’s no scientific correlation between the proliferation of violent, fictional programming and what’s observed on the ground. First, we have to be highly skeptical of so-called science, since it has been demonstrated many times that ‘science’ can be sold out to those who pay the bills. (e.g. Tobacco, the classic example; also, nuclear energy; GE foods; etc.)

Second, secular society neglects, to its detriment, the recognition of spirit in the conduct of humanity. Maybe physical science will never measure the spirit, nor can it detect the influence of spiritually degenerate factors on the behavior of individual persons. Nonetheless, our common sense ought to tell us that broadcasting evil portrayals into our environment 24 hours a day must be affecting the population, and not in a positive way.

The tragic fact is that the dark genie was released from the lamp, years ago; practically speaking, it can never be captured again. I doubt that the majority are willing to give up their senselessly violent TV shows, (or, heaven forbid, their mindlessly entertaining sports and talent shows). As with tobacco, the cause-effect equation between TV programs and societal outcomes does not become evident until years have elapsed. Most people simply cannot make the connection.

Having said all that, however, I think Phil is right, to a degree. Most people would not be capable of mass-murdering their fellow beings, even when clinically mentally ill. There’s an ultimate reality behind the mass-murders that’s too terrifying, too outlandish, for the average person to accept. Even the lowest among us is too decent to grasp it. When you look at the pattern of world events with utterly objective eyes, it becomes obvious that the evil in our midst is planned, programmed, and orchestrated deliberately, at a ‘high level.’

Sure, I know– this is conspiracy talk… and we simply mustn’t ‘go there.’ No, it’s totally against ‘the program.’ What a brilliant way to keep us enslaved to the illusions created around us! Anyone who points out the bars surrounding our cage is immediately silenced as a nut case. They fabricate the prison, then they let us police it, using their embedded conditioning. Marvellous! Such a demonic system could only have been inspired by the ‘father of lies,’ Satan… but we can’t believe in such a fairy tale in this scientific, modern age.

Whatever your beliefs, there are certain individuals who are eager agents of the satanic spirit, and who have been plotting the present destruction for centuries. These people thrive on war, chaos, and bloodshed. They invent philosophies (e.g. Communism, Fascism, Capitalism, etc.) to ensnare our minds; they instigate wars to achieve their political ends and enrich their treasury; they supply endless drugs and entertainments to drain our capacities to think and act; and they corrupt our morals by any means possible, to leave us spiritual zombies.

These secret controllers conducted their agenda with a certain amount of discretion until the beginning of the 21st century. Then they began to act overtly, starting with the giant spectacle known by its date, ‘9-11’ of 2001. Their hubris is stunning, to the trained observer. Clues of planned ‘events’ are foreshadowed thru various pop channels; execution of the events is often sloppy, with obvious inconsistencies left unexplained; reporting via their media is outrageously biased;

follow-up actions (e.g. public enquiries) fall unashamedly short of the most basic standards; and so on.

Yet, they rest secure in the strength of their installed, social programming. There’s even a famous ‘fairy tale,’ by Hans Christian Anderson, about the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes,’ that lays out the essential elements of flim-flammery for all to see… if we but had the eyes. The exact details are even thrown right in our faces– on the screen as ‘thriller fiction,’ of course. That way, the true explanations for real life imitations can be dismissed as mere fictional imaginings.

Many, if not all, of the mass-shooters are really unfortunate mind-slaves created by agencies of the hidden controllers. This is too monstrous for most normal people to comprehend… therefore, they will reject the idea out of hand. But even  Dr. Phil noted that these mass killers could not be predicted beforehand; they often appear well within the bounds considered normal in a world where norms keep getting pushed towards further limits.

Phil stated clearly that conventional psychiatry is incapable of identifying mass murderers before they act out. How can one explain this phenomenon then?… unless you accept that they have been programmed to perform certain tasks after some trigger initiates the ‘buried program.’ This theory is esoteric, for sure, but there exists an extensive (if reviled by the mainstream) literature on the subject of ‘trauma-induced mind programming,’ which is what happens to these killers, usually in childhood.

To re-cap: these horrific mass-shootings are not random, they are planned and instigated deliberately to destabilize a population. These events are used as the first step in the ‘problem-reaction-solution’ model that the controllers use as their main strategy to get what they want. And if you don’t see what they want by now, you’re really not paying any attention. It’s a full police state, where all citizens are under their complete control. If you need an image, just think back to the media portrayals of the now-defunct Soviet Union.

In just a dozen years, the USA has come a long way towards a dictatorship, by leveraging the ‘problem’ of ‘terrorism’ with their ‘solution.’ TSA goons assume everyone is a terrorist until they’ve been molested (aka ‘inspected’) by their agents. Surveillance and wiretapping no longer requires warrants. Anyone suspected of terrorism can be arrested, possibly tortured, and held for years without charges or trial. Anyone, anywhere, identified as a terrorist can be executed by simple presidential decision. It’s even worse than in the USSR, because this time there are virtually no restraints.

Finally, I have to point out the pathetic narcissism of the conditioned, American public. The loss of life by violence in America is always treated as an immense tragedy of monumental proportions. At the same time, the loss of equally innocent lives of children and civilians in far-off lands (e.g. Afghanistan, Pakistan) at the hands of American forces is dismissed with barely a shrug… if it’s even acknowledged. This kind of callous disregard for the suffering of ‘foreigners’ is typical of early adolescents, which shows the level of maturity of the brain-dead masses.

Newtown is the latest component of the ‘problem’ created by the black hands of the puppeteers. The reaction, predictably, is the outrage felt by a populace that cannot feel safe anywhere in the once-fair and enchanted kingdom. Now we await the ‘solution,’ which surely has been prepared for just the right moment to spring on the primed public. A call for gun-control is going to seem the reasonable course of action to many, including the Ministry of Truth, as the mainstream media should now be called. The hidden agenda is to remove the last obstacle to the imposition of a complete police state on the self-proclaimed ‘last bastion of freedom.’

A great many Americans have grown up with the ingrained notion that they have a constitutional right to bear (fire)arms. It will be a colossal clash between the old paradigm and its ardent believers, and the new program conjured by its New World Order manipulators. Year 2013 is shaping up to be very ugly.

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