Remember This Before The Election: Obama Has Won Already–CBS Accidentally Airs Nov 6, 2012 Results 19 Days Before Election


John Rolls

Obama Has Won Already–CBS accidentally airs Nov 6, 2012 results 19 days before election


And the winner is———————–
I don’t know if this video was doctored or not but anyone with their eyes open and a pulse must be aware by this point in time that the elections are completely rigged and have been for a long time. The airwaves convulse with one accusatory political (another word used to infer lying rat bastards) ad after another. The people are confused because both sides accuse the other of outlandish wasteful govt. spending and driving up national and personal debt, health cost, taxes, unemployment, etc., etc., etc. In fact, so many transgressions that the mind is boggled. Its all hogwash. How could one man have accomplished all those malevolent acts in one lifetime? Welllll, maybe, with a little help from the Oz behind the curtain—you know–the guy pulling the strings–the guy who counts the votes for us(because we obviously aren’t bright enough to count the votes ourselves) and tells us who won.
Back to the drama. The name of the game is to get the sheep riled into a voting frenzy with a media circus dancing out one clown after another on marionette strings. The crowd goes wild as their favorite puppet is interviewed by a programmed media talking head, whereupon, said puppet lays out his carefully scripted and of course, completely unverifiable, record of self sacrifice to bring extra helpings of wealth, prosperity and freedom to the people he unselfishly claims to represent.
Confusion reigns amongst the sheep. Which talking head is most believable? Which puppet will do the least amount of harm to the country? Which one will provide the most goodies? I guess it’s back to that old ‘tried and true’ method that’s always worked in the past—straight party ticket vote. Right or wrong, one thing that at least half of the sheep understand, or claim to, is the braying of the donkey. He’s our guy! Another impressive portion of the sheep seem to comprehend the voluminous rumblings of the elephant even though they may be only loose gas. But, then, he’s our guy.There, its done. I’ve done my sacred duty. I’ve cast my vote. My job as a citizen is done. All I can do now is pray. Kind of like voting. Everyone is voting and praying for their “lesser of two evils” puppet. The outcome is now in the hands of someone else-some vote counter in Spain. I feel relieved.

Apparently Obama is going to win:
Actual Video of accidental airing:
Potential tactic: Let’s spread this to as many asleep Romney supporters we can to get them pissed off that the election is rigged. Imagine having us, as well as a huge piece of the asleep US population pissed that the elections are rigged?

opulation pissed that the elections are rigged?

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