Rihanna Admits She’s an Illuminati Princess and Proof Jay-Z is a Satanist


Is Jay-Z in the Illuminati or is he a Satanist? Is Rihanna an Illuminati princess brainwashing her fans into self-destruction? The evidence will shock you.


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  1. gstaboy says:

    hahaha this fuckers a crazy radical

  2. tyeStubbs says:

    illuminati isn't real

  3. You're Sweet says:

    They are all evil.

  4. I was geeking when he called Jayz a total scum bag

  5. Jessy R. says:

    OMG, it just dawned on me…They lost their first baby. Could it had been a sacrifice???

  6. marco Smart says:

    you sound like a bitch ass hater lol faggot ass racist get a life

  7. marco Smart says:

    you sound like a bitch ass hater lol faggot ass racist get a life

  8. Selene Cleo says:

    Hey do you have any thoughts about Madonna, Mick Jagger, Taylor Swift, etc. etc. etc.?  Just wondering since you "seem" so astute on these issues.

  9. Dude, you are a complete Douche Bag BIGOT. Why not work on your own life instead of obsessing over celebrities' lives? Does slut shaming and all other forms of casting stones make you feel better about yourself?!

    No where in the bible does it say to go on a hate speech rant in God's name.

    Either you are unemployed and need YouTube paycheck a to get by, or you're a paranoid schizophrenic who needs to be institutionalized! You're about 1 step away from being a stalker low life with no life of your own! Find yourself some help!

  10. Also, if little "teens and tweens" are watching these videos then their parents are responsible for that! I surely wasn't allowed to watch MTV etc. when I was growing up.

    You're a complete nut!

  11. Steve Lewis says:

    Do what thy wilt does not mean that shit. Not Satanic. Uneducated.

  12. Flinch Fu says:

    That backmasked gibberish was just our imagination… Crowly was being 'figurative' in his book… go back to sleep everyone…

  13. Kittima says:

    It's nasty how you click you're time side to side, really very serpent-line. It's gross. You need to work on that bad habit. I'm sure you don't even realize you're doing it. Annnd I do not agree with anything satanic or the illuminati or anything, but, as you would say……
    "Isn't it really" un-Christian like of you to name call these musicians? It's really a not a good example of you to name call…. and I don't even like Jay-Z, etc. How immature of you!!!!!

  14. Matthew Reed says:

    I love how he is trolling everyone with how he pronounces Rhianna.

  15. Corey Wright says:

    +Mark Dice Your an idiot who just wants attention these people worked hard to get to where they are. its people like you who will actually ruin the world with your devil worshiping ideas. nobody is worshiping the freaking devil, but you talk about it so much like its a common thing. People are gonna actually start doing it. wake up and be the more enlighten person and just say you simply dont like rap because its sends the wrong message. but no you sit there and lie about these people then call yourself a holy man. your lying on these people making them look bad, thats about the same as killing someone. what if some crazy freak starts killing these people for believing the bull crap that comes out your mouth. but with that being said you wont stop because you need the attention to prove your crazy conspiracy theories, which is cool i like to here what crazy people are really thinking. but word to the wise your giving the Illuminati to much power they are not that powerful they do not have that much money and they are defiantly not running the world Oprah has more money that the Illuminati put together. no wait you probably think she sold her sold to, but for what shes already rich. oh yeah hold up wait ITS A COMMON THING everybody sells there sold AFTER they get rich and famous come on man. i hope this is just a gimmick and you really dont believe this crap. IF POOR PEOPLE WONT SELL THEIR SOUL WHAT MAKES YOU THINK A CELEBRITY WILL. YOU SOUND LIKE A PUPPET DOING THE DEVILS WORK ITS NOT OK TO MAKE ALLEGATIONS LIKE THAT.

  16. STYLE 2011 says:

    you were waiting for this one white man

  17. James Bond says:

    I have a question to everyone that really believes in the illuminati: why do you guys think it's that important to tell everyone about it? How is this affecting us? I'm not trying to be rude, I respect your beliefs and all. And maybe I am saying this becaus I don't know enough about it, but we didn't have a problem with it now. The illuminati didn't do anything to us exept for the 'hidden messages'. So why is it so important to tell everyone about it?

  18. Joweal Ahmed says:


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