Rising World #3 – MOW THE LAWN


Rising World Gameplay! I find a way to cut the grass, but Lewis has built exactly where I need to mow the lawn. ▻ The Official Yogscast Store: …


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  1. Gorem says:

    >runs, walks up to sheep sheers, keeps running… Good times ^^

  2. Senor Guppy says:

    love this videos make more please it so funny

  3. My mine curves upwards and hangs to the left.

  4. Roel Soto says:

    Am I the only one watching a video about pixels?

  5. OdaiNekromos says:

    This game has amazing animals models and animations for them i dont understand how the tool animation is so damn bad compared to it xD

  6. CHRSS111 says:

    Who cares about the grass when you're not there….

  7. Build a huge open quarry like a diamond mine which spirals down into the center then tunnel in al directions at the bottom

  8. God, Lewis is such a baby. "Stop arguing with me!" Salty bitch.

  9. The furnace ore bug is to do with multiplayer, and that's been fixed in the last furnace update. As for the grass, that's an issue that can be fixed hopefully soon, yet the developer is focusing more on dungeons, giving animals collision detection, and then player models & customization after that dungeon update. The dungeons & player models being for July, August, and September. This game is of course what Minecraft should have been, yet Mojang is a sloppy tardy company band-aid fixing everything, yet the developer does what needs to be done for Rising World.

  10. Minimum says:

    Billy? Is this resident evil-0?

  11. zfoxfire says:

    I hope by next episode they find the arrows on the block bench to change the block shape.

  12. Rich Dylan says:

    This game has been in EA for ages and it still looks like trash

  13. make number 4 plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :]

  14. continue this very interesting

  15. Did anyone else notice Duncan say "I raped the sheep!" instead of "I raked the sheep!"?

  16. You guys should totally try Ark:Survival Evolved again!

  17. Wizard M says:

    Yeah I am addicted to this game. if you want go to console ~ then type gm 1 to gather faster (brake/tree cut) if you want.

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