Roast of David Hasselhoff Red Carpet Arrivals


Subscribe Comedy Central Roast Of David Hasselhoff at Sony Studios in Culver City,Ca USA August 1, 2010 – On the red carpet interviews …


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  1. Marvin E. says:

    don´t hassel the hoff ;o

  2. ihdfswvduzr says:

    To make that clear: I know Americans think that Germans like Hasselhoff, but that is so not true. I saw many interviews with him and he always said how much Germans like him. I never get it. We do not talk about him at all. He should stop embarrass us with it. People in the world have enough to joke about Germany. Us liking Hasselhoff should not be one of it, cause it is NOT true 🙂

  3. movsisyan14 says:

    Well theres nothing wrong with him
    hes a funny guy and kinda good singer

    IDK Why people hate him

  4. whiteny cummings ended up with a upskirt and you could see her white panties no lie!!!!!

  5. @biiiiirdman right as she's gettin up frm her chair

  6. @biiiiirdman idk wait till friday or thursday and just type in roast of david hasselhoff by then enough ppl should have it on youtube (:

  7. Dude when are they going to Roast Jerry Springer!?

  8. notredamend1 says:

    @davidbrucemusicvideo shut up

  9. elcampeon94 says:

    whos the guy @ 2:43? coolest and funniest voice ever! i like how he roasted the hasselhoff too!

  10. Torus202 says:

    @elcampeon94 That's Gilbert Gottfried. Voice of The Bird in Aladdin and The AFLAC DUCK. Not to mention Comic Genius. 🙂

  11. JackMonroe says:

    look at all these fuggin idiots cheesing it up for the fuggin camera!

  12. 66fee99 says:

    I can't understand why people hate him. I just find him so funny and such a great guy. And sexy btw xD

  13. Exverlobter says:

    Sei doch mal ein bisschen dankbar. Ohne Hasselhoff stünde die Mauer heute noch 😉

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