RUST ZOMBIES CUSTOM MAP – NO PERK LIMIT & INSANE MW2 GUNS! (World at War Custom Zombies Mod Part 1)


PART 2 HERE: Call of Duty “Custom Zombies” RUST ZOMBIES GAMEPLAY! Gameplay Easter Eggs …


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  1. how to i play this exact thing

  2. Muneeb b says:

    Check my latest video out and suscribe

  3. Dude this is pretty sweet

  4. Zombies on hijacked

  5. The new perk in dlc 3 is banana colada

  6. Barry Canty says:

    "It's at the top!" Doesn't go to the top and complains he can't find it. Wow.

  7. Shaun Nolan says:

    Rated V for Virgin

  8. whats chugger buddy

  9. The ending is the gate buy the gas truck and the perk

  10. Alex Huffman says:

    that m9 puting in work

  11. Kevin Blaz says:

    Was mr waffle playing with them ?

  12. StReChMoNeY2 says:

    wish they'd remake this map one of my favorites.

  13. Jesus Flores says:

    hey need some people who want to play some world at war zombies.

  14. Tony Merrett says:

    noah is going to get 65000

  15. Troy Melton says:

    Mule kick is op it gives one extra hit with jug and 3 weapons

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