Satan Is Real – The Story Of Lucifer The Devil Documentary 2016


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  1. Satan is the Viceroy on Earth. We are all born with a companion from Satan's minions, we are all born with a jinn who promotes Satan's point of view. Hell does not exist yet. It will be lit on the Day of Judgement, but those destined for Hell will witness it in the grave. Those who are God's will go straight back to Him, but all will witness Hell on Judgement Day. Hell is eternity without God. Hell is fed with jinn and humans. Satan will take all of those who do not worship God alone. Jesus will not save you, this is another ruse by Satan to make you stop worshipping God and worship dead people. Only God alone can save your soul.

  2. Don Bloom says:

    u asked what is hell? slavery, racism, mosquito, hunger, prison, poverty, death, false religion, and money.

  3. ptrhuber says:

    Satan-believers are simply totally Irresponsible humans, intoxicating minds, an environmental pestilence, spoilers of childrens life! The only place where such fantasyentity exists …is, in the minds and imagination of stupid believers, evildoers, who need such …to escape from their responsibility from evildoing and committing crimes!

  4. I, would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.


  6. satan is about as real as the easter bunny

  7. MyworstEnemy says:

    The concept of Hell, and the punishment within, pacify the minds of the weak willed

  8. Lee Moss says:

    If God is all forgiving then how come you only get forgiven if you follow him?

  9. Only Jobe never got his things back. God just took it all away, because Lucifer tricked him into letting him make an innocent man suffer. The moral of the story is that Lucifer is clever enough to trick God to torture us for no reason at all. Jobe was given more stuff, "better" wife, "more children", etc. This is clearly a manwritten verse, as woman and children are mere value. Jobes love for that spesific wife, and those spesific children is just 100% ignored. Like they were cash, or shiny cars or something like that. If that is the way of your God and Messiah. I am pretty sure you, too, are being tricked to worship Lucifer and the Anti-Christ.

  10. I don't believe in Satan, but I believe in God.

  11. I assure you hell is real and Satan is real Iam Islamic Exorcist and I know this first hand we fix things with God's permission modern science can't fix such as Bipolar disorder and multi personalities disorder

  12. baphomet is real. the devil is lore.

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