Satan Visits Heaven


Satan visits heaven and asks for permission to torment Job. Watch Full Episodes in the Superbook App or on the Superbook Website. – Superbook App: …


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  1. redking497 says:

    I love how all the angels are Aryan . Typical Christian ideology.

  2. Why is Lucifer always pictured like that????….He is still a Warrior…..Hahahaha

  3. why is all them is WHITE?

  4. they are all white

  5. But how did he get to heaven

  6. Oh boy LOL. Notice how the bottom middle half of 'god' looked rather ermm how can I say it, look again closely reminds me of ,I can;t say it but look, who animated this Disney?

  7. rcfrivaldo says:

    What a lavish palace they must be living in! I'd like one for myself!

  8. So it's showing what lucifer was before he fell?

  9. Hmm, the animation isn't too bad. It's kinda Angel War ish.

  10. Cool cartoon pixar style

  11. Darryl Curay says:

    is this writen in the Bible

  12. Richard DBS says:

    Heeeeeeeeeey buddy

  13. Early Music says:

    This is animation is very good!!! Imagine movie of this!

  14. Better than the last series of SuperBook

  15. zRaidi says:

    I'm christian

  16. Elma Dayap says:

    im not the friend bad ever ever3x

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