Scuffle Between Chinese Media and Indian Security Officer in BRICS Summit 2016 Goa


BRICS Summit 2016: Scuffle between Indian security officer and Chinese media at the airport. Chinese media person were reporting from too close of President …


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  1. pdoctor1 says:

    this is our country this is our airport,but we r not like chinese.

  2. This is the reason I always emphasize to educate indian people. No manners. No etiquettes.Poor management.

  3. It's very easy to just use the zoom option on the camera…this is about power-play…

  4. abc abc says:

    India, win a gold medal in olympic.

  5. india is barking for daddy U.S?

  6. don bora says:

    the indian media camera is so far behind, bht the chinese are getting it stuck to li xipings face.. what if they were anti xi ? why did security even let them so near.. the chinese did it for purpose.. nowhere do media persons go soo near.. what ? their camera zooms dont work ?

  7. abc abc says:

    Try to win a olympic gold or take a shower, guess which one is more difficult in india? hahahahahahahahahaha
    hands eater and hands shit.shaver.

  8. abc abc says:

    And obviously chinese journalists win.till the end and make pictures before indian officials and guards.
    What can india do, even the guards can not win chinese journalists.

  9. china is veto power and best friend of pakistan just this reason.

  10. Ahhh! cut that media crap….

  11. Neak Likha says:

    if I would camer man.sure I kick that black rapist

  12. 天天謝 says:

    Indians are the ugliest race in the world.

  13. Chinese ko sala mar dalna chahiye

  14. fuck harder these chinese dogs and bitches. humse hi kamate hein aur hamein hi ghurte hein. bastards

  15. Should have knocked the teeth out of that rude chink..

  16. Most exciting news indeed .

  17. no press is even allowed on stand on red carpet there,probably chinese press wouldn't have telescopic and zoom cameras,they ended up taking photos standing infront of xinping face.

  18. tiger ke says:

    stupid indian.

  19. amit rocks says:

    it's really disgraceful the way Indian and chineese people are fighting over here. president jinping is our guest and our guard was just taking Care of his security. defaming any country is not nice. I think india and China have potential to rule the world and if we stand together we can win the world. I am a proud indian who loves chineese culture.

  20. Manas Surya says:

    Do not make big news out of minor events. Confusions keep happening is all international forums.

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