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Come Through All Stars!! We will have new entrances come August 25th, in the meantime here are the original werk room arrivals from the All Stars Queens.


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  1. Cailyn Rose says:


  2. SK787 says:

    I wish Gia and Ganja were casted :(

  3. Ok Max and Trixie need to be in all stars 3

  4. I can't decide which one I love the most, Alyssa, Alaska or Katya.

  5. willam isn't even on Allstars why is she in this LOL

  6. excited!! some great queens…just sooo hoping we don't see the reformation of Rolaskatox!!

  7. Ricardo Esba says:

    I love all the queens, but would have loved to see more season 6 queens on All stars 2! check out my picks @

  8. Karen ptx says:

    im betting on alaska, adore, and katya for top 3

  9. the komo montrese entrance with the apocalyptic music v ms alyssa sent me to the emergency room

  10. why are there more season 5 Queens in all stars than from any other season? hmmm…

  11. Lyanno99 says:

    "seasoned queens" Coco, the oldest one, is in the thumbnail… THE SHADE

  12. Jhon Bularon says:

    Adore Alaska Tatiana <3 partyyyy

  13. Based on these entrances, I give the win to Detox

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