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Secret Societies – Documentary of the underground secret cults that shapes the world as we know it, forget about the common titles such as the Illuminati “the …


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  1. DucatiQueen says:

    Take this vid with a grain of salt as this network is owned by the elite …….just saying :-)

  2. B Martin says:

    There's Masonic lodges in every small town in Britain, there's literally one a few hundred yards from my house that I walk past everyday to get to the bus station. I feel like I'm the only person who even acknowledges it even though there's a huge freemasonry symbol above the door and there are bars on all the windows.

  3. Broooooo the fuking Fido ad tripped me out

  4. The English subtitles are a total disaster :-(

  5. Zipfreer says:

    ALL of this are the Sabbatean=Jews Frankist =Christians all are"Crypto's" Muslims "Young Turks" Donmehs all same agenda! All are Judaism Talmudic Kabbalah/Freemasons the Anti-Christ system So anti Christ will be a kabbalists King Solomon left many articles which proved his blatant idolatry, such as King Solomon's Mirror, King Solomon's Comb, and the six-pointed star, which became known as the Seal of Solomon in the witchcraft and occult world. Solomon also laid down the foundations of the "Craft" contact Fallen Knight Tempters got their power from Kabbalah is the root of what eventually became freemasonry,traced linking the Knights Templar to the esoteric heritage of the Order of Melchizedek – the most ancient priesthood known to the world. If anyone has the right and duty to sound this call, it is the Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon. not “Templarism” a major transformations to infiltrate it .(Daniel 8:25) which later became known as Freemasonry.Power comes from contact with Fallen spirits given knowledge of intellect and technology (Illuminated) of Divine science workings of Most high .

  6. after this whriteing i sleept. i was dream something good. sunderly they are again started kill me over my neck during my dream. that was been also when my father for cia make over me some program against alkaida. 24h over the day they give me not living.they are sow what i was whriteing. i sow man with black hear gipsy srebian angry he looks me so angry than they are started. that program schould be for nsa but that women taked. they are controling me 24h on day and night and dream.they are opsesion with me. over me help to serbian control over goverment in america specialy obama. they are use everything what can in that case use usa army. they are so uncredible bitches. they are doing from 1993.iam big victim not from cia from that creasy woman and some criminals with them.

  7. i need help from americans definitly i will go on poligraf i can not living 25 years under this serbian control and more 10,20,30 years in future i wish from american army emergency help.first of all: 1.i didnt know my dady alive
    2.serbian used him against americans army
    3.complitly destroyed my life
    4.too late i was realized pure serbian people no more putin and map new world including my country what is good to me
    5.they have no reason for controling they are sick people and iam clever
    6.iam relation between cia and serbia
    7.before usa they are was going in russia and england later
    8.amerikans army must doing emergency something about isotop and nsa
    9.they are 2woman and mans all serbian

  8. she had red hut of wool with white linie black jacke in pocket she had telephone and wait mesage in that mesage stay what i think when i going across the street and she had maskiren face but i was recognized her. she is not hoher svetlana she is second kleine who has tante in tuzla. i can say bosnian serbish woman. that was on the coner kolonnen srase. she was waiting to me before. they are know every my secunde. one man was driveing black jeep i dont know is he deutcher or kroate or serbien or ather. she was pay to him definitly. behind them was driveing deutcher polizei. she imitiren mich. she aleays something talking. she know looking in future has sponsebility. what can exept from you before. is that some trik with that polizei i dont know. she was been under my haus and street. now she kontinue on that cia things. she looking now my writeing.they are maskiren and pay to this gays for driveing. she talking to him like she wants to be me in that situacion. i was been to anwalt about my schulden 11500.00 what they are done to me togeter with iljan marjanovic who was talking about john kenedy that he atack him like 10 years old child and somebody from cia in ex komunistik land yugoslavia 1957.

  9. she send man and woman in small car. that man is stronger woman has brown hear he looks like serbian he talk like that she also. he has 45 and she has 30 with long brown hear always in zopf. they are waiting me again behind street where is ampel. once more he was driveing one man with black hear and he ask him "what you think who doing to her that? "and that gay said"i think cia"and he said to him"why cia why nobody athers and you think that is cia ahaa".that gay about 45 years old what i think is serbian blue eyes not to much hear dunkle blond i was with that bitches do many time and always in corner my street. once more he drive obout one svetlana which talk hebreish once more svetl bosnian serb woman and two gays serbisch oder andere. every day waiting me and give me since that he folow me that gays know that she or obout woman imitiren mich and gays help to them becouse for money. they are talking always what i can understand and how i can cry leiter at home. becouse i dont have money i safer 25 years only becouse people are dont on my side and people saled for money. everibody are crazy if they are think how amerikans will not find aut. they keep my father enjoy in my safer in safer my life. i would explaine to people how is my day and night 24h iam not holiwood star iam victim of noisence people who taked from cia themselfs staf and it all. that creazy people use that for private how i will safer to end of my life becouse am angel i didnt to anybody maked anything they are only hungry my blood thats all. enjoy that i safer. every step of my life controling and much people asked how you live. i dont know how that is for cia for fbi or athers police but not for normsl people. normal people live normal life how can normal ordinary people help to me in this case when they are all criminal organizacion. and what is interesting they are talking that iam them. that is point why ordinary people can help me becouse they are talking about me like i was that everything imagine and terible things my privat from home becouse they are know over this cia program what they are taked from my father and some amerikans. they are want how people dont belive they are want to kill me on that way. if i make suicide they are said"ah she had always problems" and if i will make scene they will kill me with weapons and said"ah she was been in bosnia with alkaida that is not miricle"iam only pray to god and to amerikans that they are recognized what is that shit from cia and how to find that not heart me.

  10. again now they are operiren in post or they are only drive in how i think that they are something done. i was send briefe to family for holidays. when i was again auf die corner my street i sow man about 35years old with glases with short and not to much hear on head with some serbian man with black hear in white jacke about 30 years old. that man was before driveing svetlana hoher she was imitiren me with black jacke with black hear like in bosnia in war with alkaida. she was always folow me in ulstein strase when i was working and they are was talking"look how she walking look at her "i was finish after in hospital becouse i have leukemie. they are always driveing when i was going in my firma o was worked in hotel indigo and that firma was been turkisch. i get quit and finisch in hospital. that man with glases and that frauen always was there driveing. they are was maskiren in blonde hear and was folow me to generosus always everytime. in berlin everywhere are cameras and if iam cia i will have lots of job to prove how they are so transformiren. man must have so noisens head brave.

  11. god bless you all. george herbert walker bush senior is the real antichrist living on this earth. that is the big sku;ll and bones secret. how do i know this because i am the real son of god.

  12. hello my friends i am that i am the real son of god and george herbert walker bush senior is the real son of satan the antichrist as he likes to be called one of the reasons i am here on this earth is to tell the world just that who the real live satan is on this earth and it is who i said it is god bless you all. have a good day.

  13. hay gays. i think not only on cia. i have simpaty for gay in cia aus with blue eyes and black hear. why you scare i think that you are good gay. so i think that will maybe read ather gays my cousine and frends of them kid rock lanski keano l wayne ross snop david boby florida….i wanna say this bitches need better dick not from tiger dogs snake elephant something beter. becouse is not enough dick of 40cm in anus that blondie of tiger she need stronger and her friends too. you payed them in this case you dont have to. i was been at the 11:13:15hours in mcdonald in kurfuerstendamm 15 on the corner and just looked man over the street without hands and thinking i will give to him some money. and then across the window mcdonald my wiew broke this svetlana this time not with blond hear with black to schoulders. black clothes and she talkin to man who driveing car silver or grey color. where she find that mans i dont know and how she can be in every time be where iam.very simple.they are have only me for ocupation from my 13years old they are so long time whenever iam all this life and i will write every day until americans catch them. becouse what they are have it is from cia amerikans not from balkans that is very expensive and our people dont know what is it and no have money for that.that is prove how she know every my minute. if you will cia i think will identificiren in camera in that car in this time what i was told you will sow me too when i was going in and outside. after 11:13:15minute she was driveing over mcdonalds. you have satelit to find arkan how kill in srebrenica muslims and yoz are was find yours amerikans in bosnia and you have also satelit for berlin.usa army can do everything. she can break yours nsa very clever if you dont mind but i cant keep that bitches anymore and save my father from that sick bitches and uncredible creasy if you dont mind. i hope so very soon work in some restoran in berlin i exept from that bitches everything you must work me protect in some way. they will operiren there iam sure how i cant work like in others country france austria i exept here like in hotel in zoo. you must catch them. she will try to talkin how i am sick and people will not belive me please try to catch them before if you can. they are know for my job very soon and iam afraid that she will send someone to make me there problems like before. i want to start new life in germany. iam now better from leukemie chemoterapy i dont need that bitches for destroy my life please. they are already destroyed.i belive still in cia like my dad. please do something. today before mcdonald she send girl and boy in ubahn u1uland str talking or she was that been. after macdonald when i was going at home in u7 she send and pay talking how iam sick or she was been directly. they are transformiren perikas andere face in nase lips with more lipstick blond perika or black just not important. important that cia can make skan and identificiren and taked dna from that person on indirectly ways trough others person with them who going or driveing that bitches. and than you can show serbian secret services and put them in jeal or kill. nobody will ask for hoors which were fucking in usa before 5years. they are get $ .gays good luck. i love you.

  14. ±4915218983507 why you call me call amerikans

  15. ouuu mein got mein got she is definitly lost mind. aber definitly. this time man can not belive can not belive you must see with my eyes. uncredible. she is just uncredible. whats hapend. i was going oh my god in physiotherapy before that early i was come iwas been in some caffe waiting for physioterapie in leberstrase i was. streiten with some black wiman over telephone and wie are finished conversation with understanding. And i exept of that situacion what will going leiter. i was waiting for something. and that serbian bitch suprised me. realy suprised me. i think she is definitly for kill. when i was going out i sow my got car small one young man driveing and she imitiren one nazys she was adress like man deutcher man i can belive but i belive in camera on the street.that gay was already drived another girl who calls svetlana too. and like in kolonnen with other girl. he get money that he talking about me when i walking over the street only when i look in them that is not coensidence.and she is that. hoher svetlana. i know very well her benehmen. what she wanted with that. i will gone in her psyho… she wanted that i mean that she is he. some nazy and that i must scare or he will make to this girl black something how i will be krumm for that. i cant say anymore only emergency egal who kill that ashloh sweine jude serbiches cigoina please for god sc.

  16. Micah Mimbs says:

    skull and bones is at a college also used by the goverment to train super soldier's to take part in there propaganda and do there bidding and for lawyers

  17. Micah Mimbs says:

    Princeton college

  18. So the Master Plan is to turn all people in obedient remote controlled slaves? How boring would it be to fuck a predictable plastic dolls? The surprise of not knowing what is going to happen next it may be a little more unsafe but clearly a much better option. Death and life infinite possibilities on new experiences, against immortality one experience and that's it? Secret society, sleep walkers dangerous to others but most of all to themselves specialized in turning good mankind in to suicidal maniac.

  19. I heard about the chips as a child and now it's happening so creepy

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