Senate committee prepares final solution on Second Amendment


Kurt Nimmo

Dianne Feinstein’s effort to pass an assault weapon bill is almost certainly doomed to failure. Photo: David Lee.

The Senate Judiciary Committee plans today to markup and prepare for debate a number of bills attacking the Second Amendment and the right to own firearms.

Senate committee prepares final solution on Second Amendment

The good news is that Dianne Feinstein’s effort to introduce a draconian so-called assault weapon bill outlawing a large number of semi-automatic firearms is almost certainly doomed to failure. Feinstein admitted her legislation would face “very tough” opposition on the Senate floor.

Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy, chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee, plans to introduce three separate bills instead of one comprehensive piece of anti-Second legislation because a single bill with the assault weapon ban included would be rejected by the full Senate.

A bill introduced by New York Democrat Charles Schumer, a long-time arch enemy of the right to own firearms without government intervention, calls for universal background checks, in short universal firearms registration with the future prospect of confiscation. Registration schemes in Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have all resulted in confiscation and the wholesale disarmament of the public by government.

The Schumer bill initially included measures to strip the Second Amendment from veterans the federal government has declared mentally incompetent or disabled by PTSD. In February, we reported on an effort by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to nullify the Second Amendment rights of thousands of veterans.

Schumer’s legislation hinges on bipartisan efforts in the Senate. Senator Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican, has decided not to support Schumer, thus relegating the bill to failure as well unless it can be amended to appease Republicans next month.

A bill sponsored by Leahy proposes to combat illegal gun trafficking and a third piece of legislation introduced by California Democrat Barbara Boxer is focused on so-called gun safety, a euphemism used to make heavy-handed and unconstitutional gun control by government seem palatable and preferable to a literal reading of the Second Amendment.

Earlier today, the establishment media highlighted a study produced by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence purporting to show that states with the most restrictive gun laws have fewer people shot to death than states respecting and upholding the Constitution and the Second Amendment. The conclusion in favor of gun control efforts is based on 2007-10 statistics on gun-related homicides and suicides from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study was published online Wednesday in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

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  1. spartacus ! says:

    two words ” not infringed ” ,not real difficult , ech !

  2. Elaine says:

    What final solution? We already have a solution. LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE!!!

  3. Robert Hauser says:

    The answer to this is MOLON LABE!!! No one has to comply with an un- or, as in this case, rabidly anti-Constitutional act of congress or decision of that Sanctum Asinorum people laughably refer to as the “Supreme Court” —-as much as I solemnly hate Obama’s damned guts, so in like measure do I loathe and detest the Moron Majority—the drooling masses who have put up with that Kenyan dirt-hole-spawned piece of dreck far longer than they should have.

  4. Robert Hauser says:

    The real tragedy is that Swine-slime and the rest of the senate aren’t victims of the “Final Solution”

  5. It is time for the men in the United States to not only realize that the US G0vt has declared war on them but to let their members of Congress know that they know that Congress has declared war on them and that they intend to either sit back and do nothing or fight back.

    The time for honesty has arrived. Just because the politicians keep lying to you is no reason for you to lie to them. If for some reason you do not understand or believe that Congress, the Administration and the courts have declare war against you, do not email me arguing, simply go back to sleep and keep burying your head in the sand.

    • Regina Igors says:

      Rev. Celeste: I have been reading all of your Posts. How can these Americans bury their heads in the sand, like this? And, how can they not see what is happening to our Country? I am 70 yrs old. Born during WW2. Why is America going to go down, because of letting us ally ourselves on the cause of Israel? Is it because, the jews are in America and no longer there in Israel, and running our government? Americans, think about this, deeply in your minds. Feinstein and Schumer are aged Politicians and out of one last hoorah… are trying to destroy America and destroying our Constitutional right to bear arms. Also, who is making money off killing Americans with drones that were created by jew corporations? Come on, now… Americans! Get your heads out of partying, good times, pornography, drugs.. and see the true picture, here. You will lose it all……

      • cloud nine says:

        Good people want to do something, they often don’t know what, or how to be effective.
        Also, there will always be those who do not notice, praise or emulate others who have paid dearly for our freedoms.
        But I thank them and God that it is done just the same.
        And thank you to all who have accomplished much for me that I am not even aware of at this time.

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