Seriously joining in in the Carnage ‘Mayhem’ of Syria.. Are we ready for World War III




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  1. Verity JVH says:

    The facts from the people who know, because they are there quietly risking everything to combat ideology

  2. Chult Ampala says:

    Johnny Mercer…. Yyyup. Classic

  3. Paul Beoxn says:

    500,000,000 million people. That's it. the world total, they want W111 badly

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  5. David Cameron is a puppet.

  6. Richard Branson wet dream coming true; whilst he lives on his island with likeminded people.

  7. ali 1278 says:

    like it or not ww3 is gonna happen withing a year you just cannot stop it nato has to protect its petrocurrency and military supremacy over russia and asian and middle asian countries. isis is just created and designed by nato to destabalise the middle east and destroy the syrian government and to create false flag terrors in europe do they can get into ayria and confront russia. we have about a maximum one year to enjoy the sunshine and thats a maximum.

  8. cosmic bono says:

    it should be up to the british people to vote on where we send our sons & daughters to fight these man mens wars. we dont want anymore war why do we let these crooks ruin our world time we took it back

  9. Sam Fitt says:

    Bro you have a good big heart it's always a joy watching you may god bless you.

  10. Ian Evans says:

    It's all about the "Samson Option" Chucky, It's all about the "Samson Option" dude!!!

  11. Cameron and (most of the tories) has a small cock. He has to compensate.

  12. Dean Chapman says:

    They need to print money into existence to prop up the debt based monetary system .
    War will generate billions , war quantitive easing

  13. Mudhar Hadi says:

    We have the whole world bombing Syria – so what difference can our bombs do, that the bombs of the Americans, the French, the Russians, the Saudis, the Jordanians, the Turks, the Syrians, the Kurds, the Australians, the Canadians & everybody else under the sun can't do?…

  14. melissa says:

    it's time to give 'isis' a new name.

  15. Tammy Tabs says:


  16. arnie666 says:

    The problem that has to be faced ,is that for bombing to have any kind of solution you need to basically bomb like we did in ww2 to germany . Just doing tactical surgical bombing, all these rules of engagement, all that does is prolong the war. Certainly America and to a lesser extent russia have the capability to do that. The other solution is to basically bring in hundreds of thousands of ground troops maybe a millon ,preferably a multinational force and expect that they would have to be there decades, not a few years,we would have to divide the middle east into sectors like we did to post war germany but on a much grander scale. . Perhaps the length of time we occupied germany accept it would have to be several countries. Can you imagine the money and manpower and lives that would cost. ?

    I have to wonder though, if america, russia,us, if we really want to defeat isis, or make the middle east a more stable place? because to keep doing it how they are, surgical strikes {I know they aren't in fact all that surgical but compared to ww2 style bombing it is}, and boots on the ground for a limited amount of time, just means as chunky says and for once I agree with him,it just will mean it will carry on. and we increase the hatred

    So technically we could defeat isis, we would stablise the middle east, but I have to wonder if the various actors want to do that,

  17. Edward Black says:

    Naomi Klein pointed out that if we don't make fundamental changes the future is going to be ugly.

  18. Los Angels says:

    Its all about the Zionist plans ,,all roads lead to Israel.

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