SHARE THIS!!! UFO Sightings H.A.A.R.P [SCARY VIDEO] Project Blue Beam Holographic Projection! 2015


SHARE THIS!!! UFO Sightings H.A.A.R.P Challenge Blue Beam Holographic Projection! 2015 Scary Online video! What Was Caught On June twelve in excess of The Skies Of The Western of the U.S. Quade and Chris Capture The Identical Party in excess of a Span Of a hundred and eighty Miles! Authorization Granted To Thirdphaseofmoon From Both Sources.

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35 Responses

  1. Colin Kinsey says:

    It's a shame we have no proof of what or who did this…It's not normal and I get the feeling we'll be seeing more of them as the days get longer and the Lord gets closer…

  2. emwkkt2 says:


  3. Hello Lovely People!! I am finally back, I had to finalize the finalization of my Brother's home in Nanaimo B.C. I just want you folks to know that I am a Professional UFOLOGIST, & I have dedicated my life in the persuit of the phenomen! I Had a Major UFO Experience &
    I continued with my research with Dr. Harder, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Leo Princkel & Jim & Corel Lorenzen in these past many years & Tom Benson Plus Gene Duplantier of Canada !
    I have dedicated my expertise as I witnessed at bon-afide Ufo IN Camp Borden, Canada!
    My Brother Bob was a pilot in the Air Force & saw this UFO in Camp Borden 1st time!!
    All the electrical lights went off & I scrambled in the house to ask my parents to come out & see this UFO that hovered over our house & scared the dickens out of us! It was then that I became a bona-fide UFOLOGIST for the rest of my life!!
    I was very scared with my brother Kenny because 2 looking Men* knocked on our door & I was very frightened because they wore Uniformes I had never seen before & at least my Father was a witness to the UFO that was hovering over our yard & then wisked away in lightening sweed! My Mother never came out on the deck because all the lights were flickering off & on & they were watching Red Skelton at the time, & everthing went black! Our next door neighbour came out with a darn rifle & shot at it, & it was then (because of his fear) that the UFO banking over & sped away over the golf course! It was then, that my brother Bob* (now deceased) said he was informed about these & had pertinent info on the UFO Phenomen because he was a pilot in the Air Force in Base Borden!! He ran up-stairs & brought downstairs some perteninet information from the military & showed us to my Mother & Father!! Two days later, we heard a knock on the door & with two men looking like military men wanted to speak with my brother Bob, Kenny & I about the sighting!! They didn't look like Humans to us , as they were dark eyed & had no pupils!!
    To date, I am still* a bona-fide UFOLIGIST & now have some really outstanding info, I flew to Ft. Smith Arkansas to one of the Largest UFO Conferences in the World & had many Documents that were TOP SECRET!!
    I flew from Frankfurt W. Germany & I almost lost my life due to a major flight mis-hap in Frankfurt! We all had to re-imbark in a hanger & my brother Kenny wanted me to get out of there pronto!! I said, we can't, we're stranded here in the hanger & we have to re-imbark on another aircraft to get to New York then to Ft. Smith Arkansas!!!
    I finally had the courage to take the next flight & hence made it to one of the biggest UFO Conferences in the World in Fort Smith!!
    I also am a b ona fide Artist, & I did a Wonderful Poster of Dr. J. Allen Hynek boarding a UfO in which when he saw this he said, oh my goodness, this is absolutely fabulouse, & He invided me into his hotel room! He was sooooo blown away, hahaha!!
    God Bless Folks, Lady, Glo! The Ufo Lady & Lion Lady!! Have a Lovely evening folks!!!!
    Love & Hugs,

    Lady Glo!!!

  4. p spencer says:

    This is a crown flash. I have seen one before in the 70's. Have not been lucky enough to see it again.

  5. hep they will kill all life, human life, even if it kills THEM!!! the question is ''who are THEM''

  6. Art Knight says:

    That is not natural.

  7. that is a elementalist lux player playing on urf

  8. Oh I didn't watch it all the way thru. It's all so sometimes they line up n wait to get shot back to wherever maybe other state maybe there base or their home. Are there any sound's by the way?

  9. I've seen this more than a few times over the last few months. My theory is it's some type of fuel top- off or supply transfer. I've always caught it a dusk it's usually one of the big pyramid shapes supplying the smaller orbs, saucers, raisin n smaller pyramids usually u can find by at first glance will look like a vapor trail but if u look closely n follow the trails typically jus like we see here u will always find either 1 really dark cloud that I think b cuz it's dusk shadows camouflage vapor trails that I've seen up to a dozen different craft sit 4 quite a while, again my guess either the bigger refilling or I also wonder if it's actually the smaller ones using some type solar recharge. Or plain n simple a drop. Insane how 85%-95% of PPL don't look up or care to pay attention to their surroundings?

  10. Janet Skene says:

    This is a part of their Star Wars coordinated with HAARP & Blue Beam; it is a glitch in their system, temporarily out of control. they are making adjustments trying to make "perfect coverage" of whatever they are hiding using chem trails, lights, holograms etc etc. EVIL

  11. it's a final Flash from Vegeta

  12. Bartman says:

    The more of these "Space" or "alien" videos I watch, the more clickbait they get.
    couple of months time people will be scared by their TV reflection on their window and say its a ufo.

  13. 75joev says:

    Carrie Fisher going home to a Galaxy Far Far Away.

  14. Paul Wedlock says:

    DiscoStu Flashing his light saber 😀

  15. Prezentace says:

    This is not HARP or Blue Beam or UFO :DDD

  16. These things fit the Bibles last days prophesies, whether natural or supernatural. The fearful sights prophecy in Luke does not specify the origen of those sights. They will come to pass with other concurrent signs, like the rebirth of Israel, roaring waves, earthquakes, vast increase in knowledge and travel, rampant evil, apostacy in the church, middle east turmoil, the struggle for peace and safety, a march toward global government, and so on.

    All these things are to be more and more concurrent as we approach Christ's coming.

  17. clouds can be used for the backdrop, like a movie screen. project blue beam 3-d hologram is the projector.

  18. I have seen this in Florida something about a 400 yards wide about 30 people say it was extreme yellow light coming out the sky. I thought it was a solar flare since it looked like golden colored flame . I had in the past found a lady talking about this technology. Its pretty amazing the technology we have.

  19. Sami Smith says:

    Does the NWO / GOV"T pay you to play all the mis-info vids. that you're always ranting about?You know , keep the mass watching Bullshit . while their committing the real treachery right out in plain site, or are you really that fucking gullable.Wake up people before there isn't anything left worth stealing including your rites. If youre so in the know , why dont you put youre pants back on and get some real answers for all of us.people like you , closet warrior/ phone soldier are the worst thing for this country right now.Get a real life asshole instead of trying to make up a bunch of shit! F.O.

  20. This is our new sky, weather control program have destroyed our natural sky. HAARP systems use, aircraft spray our sky to control our weather. They use silver oxide, barium, aluminium and more particles. This is poison, take care.

  21. this light in the sky was seen in Florida. .in the middle of the day by thousands of people. posted on Facebook. ..havent heard them talk about it anymore!! what's up with that???

  22. something is going on! yesterday around 8am…. there were jet airplanes in the sky..white stuff coming out the plane. it appeared to look like clouds even an hour after the planes were gone. later that evening. .it stormed like crazzy. .heavy rains thunderstorm! the weather was perfect earlier. 65degrees !

  23. steve ewing says:

    The sociopaths have been fighting a war behind our backs but YES all these UFOs seen lately are at Battle with the Evil Illumi-Nazis & Globalist because you see the UFOs in this clip? Their trying to stop heating of clouds plus is a weapon so these ships here are doing two feats at same time! Their here to take them out! Their here to help the innocent ones who do not deserve this Evil so the idiots built these machines for two purposes, one to destroy our ways of life & to use as weapons against a force that has been here since the Japan H-Bombings! Believe this shit or don't cause I care less anymore as this is the last warning you'll get but your minds cannot accept anything out of the Norm? Well the Norm just F–ked all of You so Wake Up or DIE??? This shit is real & go look at these machines & see but CERN in December of this year at the time the Democrats make their moves are OPENING ALL STARGATES & THE 9th GATE OF HELL!!! The Capital Dome just got finished this week & cost 60 million to fix 15 or 1800 structure cracks–WHY??? Look at the hole in TOP??? STARGATE IDIOTS—GET IT NOW???? Go watch vid on U-Tube of Ezekiel's Wheel & then WAKE UP cause it's the best proof you have!!!!

  24. Jack the giant slayer or golden eggs from puss in boots

  25. these are nuts there is a woman called R$E on here you need to look at a video she took. its about 4:30 min long.

  26. David Rivera says:

    the narrator is in Puerto Rico. i can hear the coquí in the background

  27. jayc2469 says:

    Who is the original uploader/owner of this video in IL?

  28. jayc2469 says:

    its like seeing inside a huge transparent capacitor 🙂

  29. jayc2469 says:

    5:33 There is a lightning storm in progress at this very moment. The clouds just have that dirty, angry look and at the point in the video starting at 5:33 there is a flash of lightning below and to the right of this very strange phenomenon as it changes shape. Not sure which comes first. I personally think that people are capturing a process that has been unseen until now – Seeing Inside a lightning storm. The world is undeniably undergoing changes and some very extreme and apparently unnatural weather phenomenon

  30. I don't know what this is, BUT I can say there have only been a couple times in my life that I felt fear/awe/shock all at the same time like I did when watching this. The other time was last week when I accidentally captured 4 possible UFOs when I was videotaping some interesting cloud formations over the Olympic Mountains. I didn't even see them when I was actually making the video. I've been looking for my synchro cord so I can download the vid to my pc and send it to someone who can analyze what's there. If it is government manipulation then all I can say is we better stop f—ing with nature before we cause ourselves some serious injury.

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