Sheikh Imran Hosein :Dajjal to Enforce World War 3 India vs Pakistan, USA vs Russia Syria and Iran


Sheikh Imran Hosein : Apply Dajjal in World War 3 India vs Pakistan , America vs Russia Syria and Iran .


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  1. you way of about dajjal according tobassam jarar Israel will end 2022.

  2. Please mind your own religion, leave politics to the politicians,

  3. hype says:


  4. Rajah SanGa says:

    it is funny to see a islamic leader blaming Dajjal for the WAR which are started by islamist in all over world  …it simply means ALLAH=DAJJAL …..all the Islamic Warriors are slaves of Dajjal. 

  5. HitMan1263 says:

    I like to watch different religious figures of the 3 major religions preach about modern politics and end times and relevant issues, I feel like it gives me a better world view and wider perspective on things. I do believe in god and I consider myself a new and growing Christian (I was born in Cuba and was catholic til I was 15) and I do believe that spiritual forces do have control over what goes on in our daily lives and in politics and economics.

  6. Hicham N says:

    Absolutely a stupid political approche… ! Military wars are scientists wars … and bankers! None of what he is proposing give any capabilities of arabs and Muslims in terms of sovereignty and security! Islam is not making politics nor policy it is drawing the line and that is all in terms of yes and no only answers! to issues that deals with the principles that give the nature of the laws and human capacity to live in harmony yet free NOT speculations, the rest goes to the military

  7. A pistol in the hand of a begger is of no use.

  8. Jp Parashar says:

     mohammed also used to predict future?

  9. He knows what he's talking about from his end of the world.
    America knows what America shows
    Our brains are confined within the walls of American media
    There is a barrier to what were being shown/what's really going on….think,about it…

  10. MicheleGer says:

    How can one be so uneducated and quote knowledge concocted in his disturbed compressed brain?

  11. MicheleGer says:

    This video followed-up a series of interesting videos on the fall of Anerica. When I saw this punch and Judy figure on my screen, I thought I was going to hear Punch say 'Oh yes I am'' and Judy reply 'Oh no you're not'. Then I quickly understood this is not a joke, it must be a farce! But listening a bit and avoiding to watch this scary creature which reminds me of the Devil as portrayed by my grandmother when I was a naughty girl, I concluded this is a video on a psychiatrist hospital, where the patient escaped and hijacked the computer room!

  12. Someone who doesn't blink for more than 20 seconds is either on drugs or sick in the head

  13. Jamal Jimmy says:

    pakistan zindabad

  14. only pakistan politicians…

  15. ziaul haq lanti marhum nahi malun.

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