sheikh imran hosein latest lecture 2015 Dajjal Vs Imam Mahdi Cooming War


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  1. Aamir Shaikh says:

    He has been telling this for the past 20 years. Israel and American are true allies of Iran. So thank you sufi molvi for making people fool for this long.

  2. Thorns King says:

    Start savings the gold now

  3. Bright Star says:

    Watch youtube:Jesus God Return By Circle Rainbow

  4. White people are THE Children of Satan, at war with THE Muslim SAINTS and alllllllll humans on the earth – as prophesied!!!!!

  5. Imran is wrong – the Muslims are fighting the evil white devil invaders and those pagan traitors who love and give aid to the white children of satan – the terrorists from hell!!!

  6. prophesying the future now are we?? what did Muhammed sallahu aleyhi we sellem say about that?? do you know o "shaykh"? I am sure you do!!

  7. mo hamidi says:

    sheikh Imran اسال  الله  ان  یحشرک  فی القیامه  مع   امیر  الطلم والفساد   امیر  معاویه  ابن  ابی السهفاء  وامه  هند  اکله الاکباد  انت  یا  دجال  یا  کاتم الحقایق   وتشیع   الاکاذیب    لعنه الله علیک  امیر معاویه   ینتضرک  فی قعر  الجهنم  .

  8. Daniel Idris says:

    Brother Parmin. Thank you for the video but im worried you may be committing riba by putting so many ads ins this video. Youre reaping but you didnt sew. This is not you speaking. You are making money off this Sheikh. Salam

  9. fucking bullshit all the videos with this guy are full of hate-
    this is the evidnce that hes no good and hes just found a good way to earn Respect&Money ,
    and that is truth if YOU want it or not.

    hes probobly smart yea that i can see , hes allso got a big circle aka slaves (serving gods will)
    some bullshit bitchz
    you all wasting your life as if there is a GOD
    hes abuot LOVE between pepole

    and all i see from MOST muslim is PURE HATE!

  10. Dujjal is Mullah Omar in Afghanistan. Mahdi is from Pakistan, he is living in England

  11. Rich Parker says:

    Gods chosen people the Jews God bless them.It is Islam thats going round cutting of heads and making martyrs for christ

  12. mikefan09 says:

    ignore waste idiots below. watch video n learn.

  13. There will never be peace until the barbaric practice of Radical Islam Sharia is exposed and defeated, no matter what or who is the driving money force behind the terrorism. Stoning women over sex? Stoning rape VICTIMS? What a shame on so-called religion. A people is judged by how they treat their weak and helpless. The Quran says Jesus was Allah's Prophet yet through horrific "honor killings" Sharia ignores his teachings. The Virgin Mary would have been stoned if not for Joseph marrying her and Jesus would never have been born. If today, the Virgin Mary were to scout out a return visit to her home in Turkey, she'd worry about the statute of limitations on unwed pregnancy under Modern Sharia. Judge as you wish to be Judged…He without sin, cast the first stone. 

  14. This coming 3rd World War, WHO will be able to survive?! I highly doubt it if any human can. Nuclear blasts will wipe out the entire human race! I dare you think your allah can spare your lives with nuclear outpours. I think this teachings are pure imagination from the start.

  15. Jooni Israr says:

    This guy is a joke. no one considers him an Islamic Scholar. he's been talking about the end of times since 70s. Pathetic guy.

  16. Nina Biniy says:

    i like this shikh

  17. Imran is wrong – Allah said those angels whom He gave orders to obeyed Him – He didn't say it was impossible for angels to disobey – where is that in the Quran?

  18. ali waqas says:

    It is written in the Quran that when Jesus (peace b upon him) will return back there will be no ahl e kitab (christian) on the earth that will not believe him , and he(PBUH) will pray behind the Imam of muslims(imam mehdi)………… so it means he will follow islam .Also prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that nabi Esa(Jesus) will break the cross , and he will be the one who will kill the dajjal (anti christ) … so in the end times Muslims and real christians would be on the same side led by Prophet Jesus(PBUH) and the jews and zoinist chiristians led by dajjal would be on the same side.and muslims will win it and jews will once again be punished by Allah Almighty.

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