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“The sickness”  you ask?

I’m referring to a recent spike in reports of LARGE groups of people falling ill at indoor/outdoor functions, as well as in their homes / businesses.  All at relatively the same time !

No one is able to determine a cause, what could transform a crowd of people in a short amount of time — what could spread this fast.. what could ALL these people have ate or drank to cause this?  Some are asking .. what is in the air?!

Watch all the videos below from sheilaaliens to get up to speed on the situation…

I will give you a first hand report that came to my inbox — it IS hear-say thus far — but I’ve been told that if we want answers as to WHY large groups of people are falling ILL at mass gatherings (near schools predominantly) … then we need to look at the CROWD CONTROL DEVICES that have been recently installed at several schools in secret .. that is to say.. without the public knowing.

What was reported to me was quote “spray and frequencies are being used”  devices installed inside certain public areas or at certain parks/schools… to control kids / adults.. instead of medicating them — and with an attempt to crowd control.  Its being marketed by private companies to schools and businesses world wide. (this is rumor at this point.. please remember that)

This person says they have literally installed devices that can make you feel complacent.. and if tuned wrong.. it can make you sick or even worse!

According to the the report, these devices MIGHT be in the testing phase — take it for what it is worth.. but that is what was was sent to me in a long  email from an anonymous viewer.

Regardless of the ultimate “cause” or source of this outbreak.. one thing is for certain… large groups of people are falling ill with unknown symptoms with unknown causes — and the authorities QUARANTINED several of these groups.

Not a good situation !  Not good at all….

watch the most recent video here:


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Several hundred sick at once in Pennsylvania :


Tucson Arizona:


Fort Collins, and greater Colorado:



USA overview:


Sheilaaliens (from youtube) is doing a very good job documenting a growing “phenomenon”…. what I’m calling “the sickness”.

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  1. Astrosurfer says:

    Sheila for Galactic princess. Seriously tho this story is important. would love to know the cause. I suspect it but empirical evidence is hard to find as its being suppressed. Go sheila!

  2. sveta says:

    Yes it is. But I think that the illness is the result of changes in magnetic fields of the Earth symptoms are the same. incredible, it seems that everyone felt it

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