Shocking Documentary: Extraterrestrial Life Reality: Best Alien Sightings



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  1. Paul Roche says:

    If any of our machievelian governments thought that there really were aliens they would make us pay an ET Tax. Then they'd buy themselves a sports car with the money.

  2. Dave Bean says:

    T minus 48 mins not the fucking planet experts fuck me they talk shite

  3. Mick Carson says:

    How did I end up back into this UFO bullshit?

  4. Mike* says:

    a pack of delusional weirdo,s if I ever seen!:]

  5. wot it is not real?

  6. i was at the beach one night and fell asleep then early in the morning Around 6 am i saw a bright light moving from left to right for miles then it stopped in the middle right in front of me then hoovered down and it became so big as big as the sun and i heard a hoovering sound and after a few seconds it went away and suddenly i stood up and went back to the hotel and i can feel something pinching my buttcheeck like a syringe scar and i became so aware of these things after that incident had happened.

  7. Titox Sky says:

    One of the Most ridiculous doc. Ever made! In order to leave people again with zero answers and zero Info. About what the "government" does with USA citizens taxes! (black fucking budget).

  8. How can one be an expert about Area 51 when no one is allowed free range access to a prohibited area. What a load of crap. Just proves they have had DRONES for years.

  9. Larry Monske says:

    sorry we are too far from any stars to be able to have visitors come visit radiation will prevent any cellar being to die et or us. From the closet star would take 73,000 years at 34 miles a second. IF ET is here he left his world before man walked the earth. It is not feasible to survive space mans liver shuts down completely a starts to attack the body after one year and 42% bone loss with supplements and vigorous leg workouts 2 hours every day. Sorry stars a re simply too far for any visitation no matter if light speed or not. Bob Lazaars lie he cant have a secret clearance take a year for every new facility. his wg7 work don't make enough money to be a physicist he was a lab rat then a panderer and spy his own boss busted him be cause he was so fishy.

  10. all this is bullshit thenHistory channel makes upnstories like this note how most shows end leaving you with at least three questions: is it aliens? is the government hiding something? or is it an everyday occurrence?…all is bullshit there are no aliens

  11. mbwrite says:

    Ye brothers and sisters of space, let's journey the cosmos together, visiting fantastic planets, and marvel at the operatic beauty of its grand scale. Some ale on a far flung planet, travelled to upon the geometries….faster than light for they are the paths already laid to such ways. Late night cabaret Star Wars Tatooine bar style….who knows. All the same….beats working for the banks – the ones who get all the capital. Kunst gleich capital…a wayward expression in this sector…of the galaxy.

  12. saskshark says:

    this is getting ridiculous already, about disclosure, there is a good reason why it is being covered up but I believe we will soon find out the truth. We are bring prepared for disclosure so it we don't get to shocked when the truth is finally revealed

  13. It's too bad they couldn't get a hold of one of the original Bob Lazar tapes. I saw film of the craft in the 90's but it seems to have disappeared from the web. It was basically just a light in the sky but you could see the outline of the desert & watch the light move from a dead stand-still, 20 ft in the air to 2 or 3 hundred in the blink of an eye.Same with horizontal motion. …very impressive. I've searched the web in the last few years for it though, with no luck. Maybe George Knapp has a copy. John Leer seems fishy. I don't know if I trust him.

  14. Emil Demeter says:

    10 years old video….bull shit

  15. Tonya Sambou says:

    Low ambition, only able to research 6' material?

  16. Your just another fucking lunatic who needs your fucking ass kicked like the rest of the dumb-ass youtube users who put up their fucked videos

  17. Damn I thought it said "extramarital life "

  18. schooder says:

    Do you really think there would be anything ground breaking on the History Channel?

  19. well about the picture you used for the video is from SHADO Supreme Headquarters Alien Defens Office a old film series about a moonbase . thats no alien ship .

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