SiC Clouds At My Crib MAY 14 2011 SiCk cLoUdS



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  1. zsushbear says:

    Hi D.
    I dont know what "normal" weather is for KY in May, but this my friend looks grim !
    A couple of Haarp tyres ( similar to bulges) in their too.
    BTW, its like October /November weather over here ,cold, windy and wet.
    God bless you and yours. Lou.

  2. @zsushbear ,

    Weird thing in this you can see beyond the darkness in this video it was a beautiful day outside of my area.
    That is what urged me to film this. I drove to the store and noticed my area seemed to be the only "Dark Area"

    Usually, this time of year it is beautiful short-sleeve shirt weather and I am usually setting up at a local flea-market outdoors this time of year.

    This year, (like this morning) I have to turn the heater on sometimes because it is so cool mornings and night.

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