I interviewed Simon Parkes Thursday, September 1st at 10 AM PT ….

RE: RAMPING UP OF MILITARY ACTION… THE BANKSTERS ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME FOR THE FINANCIAL RESET and need to get WWIII going to make there plans for ONE Word Government and One World Military a reality.



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  1. Fantastic interview. I will be featuring it in my next video

  2. A big difference with being
    a Zionist or a Jew.

  3. Merlin says:

    The uuhs and uhs ummm and uhhh just ruin it for me. I can't listen to this. Learn to speak English in complete flowing sentences. good gawd '

  4. Doom porn. It always sells.

  5. simon has more faith in our armed services than i do. they still think if they sin up they are fighting over the twin towers. and funny tht now hollywood ppl are going to canada.

  6. who the hell is looking glass and you keep saying ya'll were told things. why are they telling you things tht far into advance? and why would you do your best to not let the ppl know?

  7. tht will explain here the attack on agriculture with monsanto and gmos. and vaccines.

  8. Seriously clones, Earth sensitive. Please please provide proof..Not Dr Greer proof or Jay Essex proof. Can't Kerry, Simon and Jay just admit they lie. it's awful that people are Gullible, willing to donate for what. Simon, Jay and Dr Steven Greer hasn't made any betterment to the world ect. but themselves.

  9. Where are all the commenters now that not one thing this nut said came to pass!

  10. All of Simon's Connecting Consciousness shows are posted on The Studio9jam YouTube channel,  All good stuff Thanks to all!

  11. The "Black magicians" are not just ""sick"" in the head. They are the result of 100s of years of inbreeding. They are Neros. With fucked up biological neural networks, upon which an aspect of abstract awhareness manifests. Alas, since said highly complex, multileveled and multitiered innatly inteligent Self Organising cellular Universe is flawed within the neural network connectivity….the result is a "Nero". Not to mention that is a symbiosis of manifesting indewling life and these self organising cellular Universes, responsible for automating trillllllllllions of process (to the great luck and curse of our current species of manifesting awhareness) as such, certain traits start being GENETIC and carry certain tendecies to next Neros. Among such inbred tendecies are farting around with what Carlos Castaneda called second attention pitfalls. Also commented by Theun Mares. Such level of attention is based on manifesting "special effects" and most of all, manipulating the fuck out of what they consider to be the lesser serfs/slaves etc etc aka, us fine ppl.
    Stupidity runs in the family hence they behave like Pinky and the Brain. Activily doing little "princess tantrums" when shit doesnt go their way. After all, ALL they want, like good little magician Neros, is watch Rome burn!!!!

    STUPENDOUS karmic lesson these fine canibal paedophile brothers of ours will learn when they ""finish"" their role on the stage of this theatre.
    Someone had to play the role of the inbred…ok ok….but, BUT, its gone over what was """""scripted""""" to be.
    Im half joking……..yet…i sense its true………….
    Beyound shameful is their conduct…..BEYOUND!

    Seppuko would not even """save""" them from the Karmic format being designed by their own HIGHER SELF Narrators.

  12. Just yesterday my gsm provider called me to ask for registration of my prepaid cell nr. because of ” safety ” … Is this not another way to keep control on?

  13. Renatão, por favor veja o vídeo de Simon Perkes "hidden plans to start world war III". Tem quase duas horas, mas pode responder muitos questionamentos que o canal faz de tempos em tempos. Abração!!!

  14. Gez501 says:

    Fortunately Putin has not responded to American provocation. Putin has so far avoided WWIII. It is sad to say that we in the West have to hear the Truth from Russia. Fortunately we have TRUMP who is willing to talk sense to President Putin. Although Trump is an unknown quantity he is at least a safer pair of hands than Hillary Clinton. The additional info from Simon is useful.

    There are "relligious fanatics" who believe in bringing about the "End of the World". That is the culmination of their religious belief. They are a Cult that are obviously insane and are Zionist based. They are located in places of high military power and political influence. They propagate things such as "pizzagate", et al. They are a death cult. We need to destroy them.

    There are genuine PATRIOTS in high places, both military and political, who are fighting hard on behalf of the American people to bring about a peaceful end to this terrifying scenario. They have to keep a low profile for the safety of themselves and their families. This we must respect.

    So far as Simon is concerned about Brexit he is entirely wrong. The reason the UK voted to keave the EU was because we learned (via YouTube mainly incidentally – the alternative media) the genesis of the EU. Its transfer from America, the involvement of the Nazis, and Operation Paperclip, the loss of sovereignty and the ability to make our own laws, the curtailment of Parliament, and the fact that we were lied to right from the days of the "Common Market". We did not have control over our own borders nor the ability to eject criminals from other countries. We forced the isssue and Cameron made a very bad miscalculation so far as he was concerned. From Prime Minister to "John Doe" happened in a matter of weeks – thank goodness.

  15. Thanks 4 yr honesty 2 Humanity

  16. Didn't happen- awesome 'secret' sources, you two fear mongers!

  17. Duk sauku says:


  18. U.S. Navy are the best!!! my brother is one of them!!!

  19. shit she doesnt look all that well hope she is ok worried look

  20. Maria is allright about the collective conciusness in excistance..when it happens from within.

  21. light the beacons, stand and hold, Look to my coming, at first light, on the fifth day. At dawn

  22. I say get real and forget about noddy land.

  23. Kanana says:

    You know a person talks BS when they keep insisting that Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia are the same thing. :/

  24. Franc Jones says:

    i wish interviewers would stop speaking and let the guest speak!!!

  25. Jay Essex usually post daily but nothing sent out for several days.

  26. Does anyone know where Jay Essex is?

  27. This all seems weird because it is 2016'. Aren't we smart enough by now to know how to survive? I don't like how this is mad to sound scary. It sounds more awesome to me.

  28. crystalawen says:

    He says ' he feels sorry for Hilary Clinton ' … what ??
    Who is he working for to say that ?
    … No way is he on the good side..

  29. crystalawen says:

    This is all old information.. He makes out he knows something secret.. its nothing new ..

  30. 5m0k1nF1sh says:

    Simon Parkes is a government disinformation agent. Ignore everything he says.

  31. plaese active google translate so that would be easy fo us from other countries

  32. Tonya Perry says:

    @Project Camelot–Kerry Cassidy, I enjoy all of your videos, so interesting. You do a great job getting the truth out. Thank You.
    I would liketo ask you, Are you related to Linda Howe? I just finished listening to a video where Linda was giving her testimony before a board. I had never listened to her before, ran across this video and listened to her for the first time.That bring said, referring back to my question–as I began to listened to Linda speak, I automatically thought "that voice" I knew I had heard it before. In aww I thought wow that is Kerry Cassidy. It sounds exactly like her. As I watched Linda, listening to her speak I was thinking maybe Kerry changed her name st some point…. LOL…. I also thought, dark hair, she was younger and has to date died her hair blond. I had to Google and see. There was you in a video interviewing Linda. So, no, not the same person. Then i automatically thought maybe you were related. Your sound in speach is like identical, and some actions are alike. I just thought it was unique. Also, Am I the only person that has ask you if there is a relation?
    Have a great day.

  33. She's bad news for everyone! wake up people she's WICKED! vote TRUMP <3

  34. Keith Drury says:

    Don't you have any pride Simon? I'd be ashamed if I had a room like that, how embarrassing to watch.

  35. Keith Drury says:

    God she looks alien and her lips are puffed up probably due to botox.

  36. TheAdambee7 says:

    Over a month since this video was put up and it's frightening how spot on it is.

  37. Sungaze1111 says:

    Not in My Name. I don't endorse this. They can take a hike off planet. I denounce and renounce their criminality. Everyone say it! Not in My Name! They are under rules! NOT HAPPENING. No lifting off any of their crashes, wars, earth changes, NO. No need for banks, money, slavery any longer. From Keely in the 1800s onwards, we have had clean high energy, cavitation, implosion, Tesla, we can have beamships in our yards, bigger on the inside, land and homes and aquaponics and food for everyone no slaves. Advance into the cosmos. Free and Equal without elites. Councils of citizens taking turns each growing up to be able to manage whole systems with integrity, compassion, kindness, inventiveness and wonderful ideas. NOT IN MY NAME. BEGONE YOU FOOL ELITES YOU, WE WILL SEND YOU LOVE BUT YOU'RE THROUGH PERIOD!

  38. James Zito says:

    If I become sovereign and have a live birth record could I still be taken away to fema camps during Marshall law ?

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