Sinn Fein Rising – Liberty Hall – Part 2 (1916)


Sinn Fein rising – Liberty Hall – part 2. Dublin in the Republic of Ireland / Eire. Sinn Fein rising. Pathe’s listing says that’s what it is; anyway; with 1916 – Dublin …


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  1. OK, this seems to be two different things spliced together. The first part (most of the piece) is some visiting British dignitary and his wife and it took place before the 1916 Rising as we can see from the shot of Sackville Street. Then we have cavalry and some more footage which was also contained in the first Sinn Fein Rising – Liberty Hall footage.

  2. VMA225 says:

    Brits Out !!!  Need some Background Music which You Tube provides,  A suggestion on Background Music " God Save Ireland " or " Dublin in the Rare Ole Times " !!!

  3. Falscaidh says:

    It wasn't a Sinn Féin rising. They had nothing to do with it!

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