Slender: The Arrival close-up of Kate (Hooded creature)


I recommend watching in 1080p fullscreen!

I try my best to get the closest shot of the hooded creature in “Into the Abyss”. He/she/it was kind enough to stand up straight and smile for the camera, sort of. It was gonna have commentary but my mic was not recording.

Who do you think this creature is?

“Slender: The Arrival” was developed by Blue Isle Studios and published by Midnight City.


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  1. JustKripxen says:

    Can I use this video including the sound too?

  2. I think it's Jeff the killer

  3. so thats funny JUNTEX actually used the right name kate for slender in real life cool

  4. Deadpool says:

    0:38 R.I.P Headphone users

  5. slender man want to eat minions booty meat

  6. She looks like jeff the killer.

  7. is it just me or is kate attractive? like REALLY attractive?

  8. Pj Prankster says:

    Why does she sound like that when she attacks you. It's sounds like numinuminnnd. She sounds like someone punched her throat.

  9. seanny bee says:

    God, the beginning is scary for me cause i'm using earphones, so i just hear her footsteps. O.o xD

  10. STEPHEN R10T says:

    yo this is too scary i'm a sleep by my girl tonight

  11. Ashley Jean says:

    0:32 it looks like a dude instead of a girl

  12. Devin Kelly says:

    It sounds like she's trying to say something, from what I heard it kind of sounded like help. And her voice sounds like a duck being strangled.?

  13. Colin12475 says:

    I first thought it was one of the miners who was corrupted by Slenderman or something.

  14. when they were kids they play on the park of the house. so. slender is controlling kate, IM TALKING ABOUT THE SECRET level that is some strange ?

  15. When she attacks the player, wtf does she do? Fucks the player or hits her to death?

  16. thsts jeff the kiler

  17. Nekmer says:

    When i go to bathroom then i come back and i see my friend using my Facebook 0:36

  18. Fire Bosss says:

    Kate looks so beautiful(No sarcasm) I actually think she is really pretty, besides the fact she is corrupted.

  19. MJ Blue says:

    Don't get me wrong but I think she's wearing a mask because her eye on the right is sinked in like a mask is covering her face idk

  20. Hey guys, I know what's it like being a proxy, IMTHEOBSERVERXD

  21. People call me Kate, because my name is Caitlin. Plz dear lord, help us all ;-;

  22. If they make a another slender game they should add Masky Hoodie and ever ones favorite Ticci Toby

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