Snoop Dogg is one of the most famous road Gangster Documentary


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  1. sebb sibb says:

    Remember: black lives matter.

  2. brad mack says:

    At the end of the day anyone associating with these gangs, are cowards. Too afraid to stomp on their own snakes in life, so they join the "gang", for protection. Their so called street army, are punks with guns who sucker shot people who rarely see it coming. If society ever declares open season on these creeps, they'ld be in short supply pretty quick.

  3. Victor Lopez says:

    in real life gangster rappers are probably real punks they talk about kill cops they never killed nobody

  4. gas.ent says:

    snoop lion lol

  5. John M.C. says:

    He is a punk. A scared shitless punk. What about east coast vs west coast war ? He ran to minister Farakhan right after pac got shot. Snoop is the mist lying bitch in the industry. He is a punk. He was involved in a drive by and got busted. Then he started selling his ass like a little trick which he is. Snoop is a punk. He didn't do shit before he became an artist. He saw what real niggaz do and got scared. He didn't proof anything. It is other criminals that are living that hard life and not him.

  6. Hey Gangland producers, you totally convinced us, your audience. Good job! See, we're all idiots who think that the best people to give us the inside scoop as to who are the most dangerous gangbangers in major American cities is Snoop Dogg and Ice T! We don't realize that Snoop Dogg and Ice T became millionaires and moved the fuck out of the ghetto decades ago and are actors living in mansions now! We think that Snoop and Ice T are serious killer gangbangers– they rap about killing and pulling 187s, so we believe what we hear in their hardcore gangster G raps!– and so they must be the perfect people to lead us on this Most Notorious Gangster tour! Thanks Gangland!

    Seriously, Ice T maybe has the authority to talk about the most notorious Crips in Crenshaw in the 1970s and early 1980s, and that's about it. Snoop Dogg can maybe talk Long Beach Crips in the late 80s-early 90s. Outside of that, they know much less than the average LAPD cop working those beats. They have star power, they get clicks, just from their images being on this video, and that's why they're here

  7. Athur Dean your mom has been getting gangbanged since she last her virginity. shes a real slut she swallowes every ones cum and ask for more. Plus she likes it in the ass. thats ruthless. you must be very proud of that hore. i feal sorry for you and your dad. thar bitcg b cheating on him all the time. who knows who is your real father you baster

  8. AbyssalBeest says:

    lol wtf is with the black ops 2 redub intro

  9. Watchdog says:

    Why do they glorify these IQ-deficient morons? They're practically the reason why this world is fucked-up in the first place.

    Seriously, anyone outside could outsmart these wannabe-gangsters, they are more flamboyant than clever.

    When I watch this shit, it reminds me of the movie "Idiocracy", like, it's the kind of documentary that they would watch in that world.

  10. Hahahahahahahahaha snoop hahahahahaha

  11. Zooni2 says:

    Talk about BS.

  12. Chi Town says:

    Snoop is a sellout ass nigga, get this fake shit the fuck out of here.

  13. Fredy Cruz says:

    Fuck niggers you not real Gangster yA now us Spanish are the baddest killas of Cali L.A we own Cali hahahaha yA fake we killing yA blacks monkeys Niggerrs

    Stop lying to people yA cry to much on TV stop lying yA now soutside 13 F13 & 18st & ms13 be killing yA niggerrs

    Yo yA funny yA not the baddest killas yA kgst kill in jail yA now you lost the Gang war

    We took yA out of the map we geting deeper

    In New York City BROOKLYN n Broxn spanish Gangs are getting together Lating Kings ️Taking yA niggers out n Dominicans Gangs shoothing yA niggers to hahahhaha where yA at tell me Niggerrs

  14. MasterGwonam says:

    The guy who ran from Suge Knight like a bitch is a big time gangster? AHA!

  15. 3i6hth G8 says:

    …snoop aint no goddamn gangster he is a studio gangster eazy e tells you that shit in 'real muthafuckin g's'

  16. 3i6hth G8 says:

    …snoop aint no goddamn gangster he is a studio gangster eazy e tells you that shit in 'real muthafuckin g's'

  17. I'm sorry but ice t was real back in the day niggas Ain't fuck with ice but snoop ain't no notorious gangster

  18. yup ganga cures dont need dick up mu asshole to get ganga

  19. Tyler Durden says:

    I always heard a different saying Snoop…"You can take the"….Well, it wasn't Homeboy,….".Out the hood but you can't take the hood out etc."

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