Split & Illuminati MK Ultra Mind Control


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24 Responses

  1. do you believe Elvis Presley was under mind controlling by illumanti do you believe he was murdered I do

  2. GracebyGod says:

    Pocketsofthefuture – I think you should re-think testing movies out on your family, in particular the kids. There's a reason they feel some sort of way after watching; it affects them negatively. Frankly, it seems as though you use them as lab rats to test out theories for your videos. I'm not saying they don't want to watch the movies, but everything is simply not for kids.

  3. Ex machina. One to watch. That made me go into such a bad mood after the movie ended. It was hideous but a good movie at the same time! Weird stuff

  4. Amy Newton says:

    Great message?
    Remembering to focus and invite the positivity in, is key. Especially when you feel like you're walking amongst robots much of the time. I pray and put lots of energy into our world waking up and looking up?

  5. Hans Wilhelm discussed this on one of his videos; he emphasized that earth bound spirits seek people that are on the same frequency ie; an earth bound spirit who abused alcohol when they were alive still craves the alcohol and seeks out an alcoholic living person and posesses them. But this fact was abused and can be abused by religious figures who try to torture or pray away something that might be mental illness. One has to proceed with caution

  6. jjthebird says:

    personally fragment a person's personality

  7. gussetgravey says:

    have any of you seen the new Adidas advert? I couldn't believe what I was seeing lmao

  8. Julia Glenn says:

    is this movie trying to show us what its like to be around celebrities?? lady gaga says she cant sleep alone cause her demons come out at night… she has really bad dreams… research donald marshal… they shatter the mind so they can be controlled… these different personalities have different agendas

  9. I have recently found your channel and really like your opinions and thoughts on things. I watch most of them that come out. This is my favorite video you have made so far, I think it was on point. Good work and thanks for taking the time to do these.

  10. Have you met Dr. Greenbaum?

  11. Carla Martin says:

    I just saw the link to your back up channel . awesome . xo

  12. Would you consider that there is another aspect to pedophilia other than perversion? That other aspect being to divide a child's personality through trauma as a catalyst to evolving through what you refer to as demonic possession.

  13. Carla Martin says:

    Great video.. I love watching your channel.. You have wonderful insite . thanks so much for sharing your words of wisdom xoxo

  14. Would you recommend watching 13 Hours?

  15. I've been diagnosed with Dissociative Disorder… And I'm an SRA survivor… So Many Answers to so many questions…

  16. What I find interesting with this movie, it subtly commentates on the belief that humans are vastly more capable than we think via his ability to physically transform himself with his own mind power.

  17. Lelouch says:

    The mind is a wonderful thing but psychedelic drugs will mess it up real good, ask the CIA. Their evil experiment on the mind using hallucinogenic drugs is the real witchcraft in action. Its the CIA, not the demons.

  18. Jazz Koolaid says:

    that movie looks so creepy like worst than " the ring"

  19. + Allison I think of my children as babies, or my future grandchild and overwhelming love I felt when I held them in my arms. My heart swells and I feel warm and fuzzy inside. Think of who you love with all heart who you would lay your life down for, those are your angels.

  20. ladyrocstar1 says:

    hey @pocketsofthefuture i dont know if you know but your category is How to & stylo.. anyway i saw the movie last night and i knew already it was going to be an illuminati satanic movie.. btw did you catch the demon in the beginning of the movie? fyi you're awesome!

  21. Ed Fernandez says:

    Hollywood always tells everyone the truth

  22. Allison says:

    I loved a line you used in this video. You said, "You have to invite the positive
    entities in, they are not forceful or manipulative". I am in a phase where I am trying
    to visualize angel symbolism – something that I feel is missing from society. Currently
    it is hard for me to visualize an angel but I am actively trying to incorporate
    that positive symbolism in my life in a modern way. I love the idea that an
    angel protects us from harm and we can call on angels when we need their help.
    I just want that in my life. Thanks for your guidance, as always.

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