Stanley Kubrick Exposed the Illuminati.. Spielberg Covered it Up- Jay Weidner


Truth Be Told is joined by Film-Maker Jay Weidner to discuss his New show on Gaia TV “Hollywood Decoded” & “Kubrick’s Odyssey” Vol. 3 the final installment to his documentary trilogy.
We also venture into seedy gatekeepers of Hollywood who misrepresented Stanley Kubrick in his final days.
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  1. sresner7 says:

    Great stuff guys!!!

  2. vishyswa says:

    Is Weidner saying at 34:25 that no one died in the World Trade towers?

  3. Aphex David says:

    Renee Russo is very much alive, think you meant Aaron Russo

  4. Trent 1956 says:

    Very good interview gentlemen! I wish more people would listen to your show and open their minds.

  5. Thinker says:

    Check out Polarization Nation Media's YouTube channel for his excellent videos about Back to the Future and 9/11 connections. Jason James/Dusty Westfield is the originator of this theory. (Might be an interesting guest, too.)

  6. is illuminati code word for JEW bankers and jew run media, academia etc etc ?

  7. briansells says:

    Also, could you please interview the YouTuber halfasheep. At least I suggest you to check some of his videos about masonic/esoteric symbology embedded in architecture

  8. briansells says:

    Thx a lot great interview. I'm gonna start to watch his movies.

  9. delirium9 says:

    Steven Spielberg likes to make lots of movies about little boys. Jay W., that's an upper deck walk off home run.

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