Star Wars Battlefront Angry Review


AngryJoe, OtherJoe and the Rebel Alliance work to recover whats left of Battlefront from the forces of the Imperial EA! Does this game live up to its license …


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  1. ThaEPlC says:

    it makes me so sad watching this.. i basically grew up as a huge starwas fan with starwas republic commando, battlefront 1 & 2 starwas empire at war etc.
    looks like the end on an era of good games has come..

  2. Wequendi says:

    the game is shite, played it on prelaunch, only casual gamers, noobs and bad players could enjoy this, i will keep playing on the battlefront 2 german server, basing an opinion on looks like the alpaca punch is borderline stupid if the rest of the game is a gigantic turd compared to other fps out there and planetside 2.

  3. Mr.Sanemon says:

    It's even more sad when you consider that another studio was 99% of the way through Battlefront 3 before it got scrapped when Disney purchased Lucas Arts. Wasn't as pretty but had seemless ground to space combat and a campaign.

  4. I'm honestly surprised people still play this awful game lol.

  5. They should have played Jedi Outcast or watched the movies to make the melee combat.

  6. All i wanted was a battlefield re-skin ? You had one job EA

  7. Oliver Evans says:

    They already have the graphics and sounds, so in BATTLEFRONT 2 they can just focus on gameplay, and everything else? EA will find a way to fuck it up..

  8. they didn't even tried a space zombie concept

  9. Brian Dooley says:

    I hate this you tuber

  10. When Joe screams you done fucked it up. You know shits going down!

  11. You can go in 3rd person as well

  12. I still don't understand why IGN saying this game has 'huge sandbox' anyway…..and 8/10?……..
    so sad….
    hope Dice team find a way ignore EA 'amazing idea' on new Mirror Edge soon before WW3 broke out!~

  13. Ritchy Cruz says:

    Battlefront 2 is better and dice doesnt own this anymore just EA

  14. I am extremely annoyed at the lack of content but nonetheless I do really enjoy playing this gaming

  15. John Macs says:

    "Aww shit it's Han! I need to run! Protect me!"
    "Ahh it's Luke! Protect Meeeee!"

  16. Volt Wrecker says:

    I had fun playing this game, honestly.

  17. xBlade87x says:

    I've seen a few of your videos, and I loved your FO 4 review w/ cogsworth. Subbed

  18. I give it a 7 out of 10

  19. buy the season pass because there are four dlcs that are great and if you buy it then you get all 4 and cheaper than buying them separate

  20. The game is trash

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