Star Wars Disney – Let it Flow – Let it Go Frozen Parody


Box Step Productions presents another Star Wars Disney! Please comment below to request a Disney song to Star Wars-ify! Anakin/Yoda – Jonathan Oakeley …


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  1. MrVRaptor 16 says:

    this is way better than the original

  2. Czarny Bekon says:

    you got a lord with me

  3. Maxx Us says:

    frozen wars, the revenge of the queen.

  4. Can you please put it on iTunes?

  5. Oh wow anikin to dark vader and queen Elsa to weird blue dressed mature looking woman

  6. I like the dark side better

  7. Ben Date says:

    I love seeing Lord Vader comment on these videos :P

  8. perhaps the prequels should have been musicals… no music numbers for jar jar though of course

  9. je suis mort de rire ?????

  10. Lol the first time he says hide the fear lol

  11. j'adore la chanson

  12. Alexis Cruz says:


  13. TY로즈 says:

    먼가 틀렸는데..Let it flow가 아니라 Let't go인데 어이고 잘못하셨어용 구독안합니다

  14. TY로즈 says:

    아 이거 싸우는거네 죄송

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