Stephen Fry welcomes you to Heathrow – #UKGuide


To showcase the unique, eclectic culture of modern Britain, we’ve teamed up with British Icon, Stephen Fry, to welcome arriving passengers to the UK! We’re not …


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  1. Scardis says:

    If you're coming to the UK to see the Giant's Causeway then Heathrow is the wrong airport.

  2. Unbelievably twee!

  3. Racist comments here we go!

  4. FireFall says:

    ITS JEEVES!!!!!!!

  5. little big planet man

  6. Is it just me or is his nose creaked

  7. Uli Köhler says:

    What's going on there with his pen?

  8. Rusty James says:

    ARGH its a f**** ad! South Park warned me about this

  9. Don't forget when cheering broken glassware to pronounce in a loud voice "sack the juggler!"

  10. We cheer for clumsy wait staff in America too!

  11. This is possibly one of my favourite things ever.

  12. Paul Hoskins says:

    Could do better Heathrow!

  13. Truly wonderful. well done Mr Fry et al. :)

  14. a nice bit of Parisian Jazz Manouche on the soundtrack too ….

  15. Entranced by the wobbling undulation in the congealed blubber covering the multiple chins of this tubby old fuck.

  16. pamela frew says:

    So true we do love to chat about the weather,very funny,well done Stephen. ;-)

  17. I'm English but born in Canada, time to go to a restaurant and cheer when someone drops a glass

  18. S. Hamza Ali says:

    Lady in yellow's quite fit ??

  19. We do this in Illinois too. Glass is already broken so celebrate its passing. Oh, and I would gladly pay extra to have Stephen Fry show me how to act more British, and I myself couldn't be farther from it for the most part. (So 'Murican even other 'Muricans are afraid.) We love you Stephen!!

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