Storm Doris crosswind landings and departures at Newcastle Airport


Some footage of this afternoons arrivals battling the 30-40knot crosswinds directly coming from the NorthEast here in Newcastle.
It was very impressive to watch as each of the arrivals landed on runway 07 in this weather.
At the start of the video about a minute in you will see EasyJets A320 G-EZPD arrived having diverted from Manchester Airport.
Also included is one of Ryanairs new 737s EI-FTT arriving from Dublin.
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  1. Great video. Really well done!

  2. Andy M says:

    Great video sir and well done to all of those pilots. KLM was on the ball, but easyjet were a close 2nd

  3. terryfing but great bravour

  4. amc3 says:

    01:45 … this is how you plant an Airbus on the asphalt during a major storm.

  5. Thanks so much to everyone who has watched,liked or commented on this video.
    Today I acheived a new grand total of 1 Million total video views overall on YouTube.
    Once again thank'you all for watching and for your support.

  6. I should be really interested if anyone had the idea to set a cam zooming on the tyres in that kind of weather(i mean a professionnal company that could put it on the gears).
    Imagine the side forces applied on them at the touchdown going sideways, it s crazy

    Anyway, nice vid dude, it s allways spectacular to see crosswinds landings.

  7. avgeek uk says:

    Great video must have been amazing to watch

  8. Thanks for the footage I was working on the 1832 EZY PD . Great to see what it looked like from the outside!

  9. richard c says:

    excellant footage……pilots should be paid more than they are (as compared to footballers) this is where the hours of training come into play……..

  10. Splendid video dude, absolutely amazing!! Fun fact, I caught the landing of the Easyjet Europcar livery during the storm in AMS! 😀 Well done, buddy! Enjoyed and liked!! More footage of that day is coming soon on my channel aswell 🙂

  11. biciregina says:

    Thanks for braving the weather, heroic landings. We landed in amsterdam, what a ride inside. Pilot and cabin crew stupendous

  12. moodyjeep says:

    Hi JW, First Class filming thanks for sharing.

  13. gemini bold says:

    Have to say this is quite possibly your best video to date. It truly shows the severity of the weather and skill of the pilots. Massive respect for braving the weather, I make the short trip from the aviation academy to kingston park for luch and it was bloody awful, got back totaly soaked!

  14. Storm Doris I Love you…. great footage Jonathan!!

  15. 19bootsy68 says:

    Hey Jonathan I noticed the Ryanair landing is on the Chronicle website with a link?. Be interesting to hear how many subscribers you picked up since this upload was posted.

  16. GuitarHero says:

    They earned their pay that day.

  17. Good lad for withstanding the winds haha! Did a good job of filming too despite the atrocious weather. Great vid mate!

  18. Dhruv S. says:

    Interesting how the easy jet got rocked by the winds!

  19. DJMiixOnline says:

    Deja vu!
    I've just been in this place before!
    Higher on the street!
    And I know it's my time to come home!

  20. Spectacular Video, the easy jet was insane! Must have been fun flying!

  21. Fritha Keith says:

    Wow! Reminds me of terrifying landings at Wellington (NZ) airport.

  22. nx03lcf says:

    How bad must it have been for planes to divert from Manchester and Liverpool?

  23. J Kerguelen says:

    impressive. is it actually trick for pilots, or just routine situation

  24. MT Aviation says:

    nicely filmed in the horrible weather! 🙂

  25. Alex B says:

    I've been on that flight to Dubai many times, I am pretty gutted I wasn't on it yesterday :/

  26. deadkemper says:

    If i credit you can i use a clip of this for ?

  27. 19bootsy68 says:

    I feel jealous of all them passengers. You know me I love turbulence when i fly. Well done for braving the elements Jonathan?.

  28. Absolutely incredible footage here! The sight line you have down the runway is really something else! Massive like from me mate!

  29. Crazy stuff!! Good filming in those conditions.

  30. YQBspotting says:

    Awesome stormy shots mate! Thumbs up 🙂

  31. They all deserve a medal.

  32. Paul Kinman says:

    Good skills and thanks for braving the elements to bring us this footage. Top man!

  33. Awesome stuff mate! What a day for spotting, ive got quite a selection of 27 go arounds coming 🙂

  34. MrJCF987 says:

    fab compilation Jonathan!! I wish I made the decision to go to Bournemouth today as we had a load of diversions from Southampton!! but sadly too busy!! great to see your experience from up in Newcastle!! all the best!!

  35. Ayaz Khan says:

    Great footage. Amazing when one think of power of nature.

  36. MetroCraft36 says:

    my flight ei403 was delayed by 3 hours.

  37. Give that captain a cigar

  38. Ian Stewart says:

    Well done for braving those conditions Pilots having to work hard today well done to them all plenty of full sick bags today lol

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