Strange Sounds in Forest Grove, Oregon. Aliens? Illuminati?


Update: Possible Explanation: Some strange sounds recorded in Forest Grove, Oregon. Have no idea what this …


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  1. Tibz San says:

    Hi jeremy, These sounds are produced by the relay stations of HAARP, according to certain sources, these frequencies high and low would have an impact on our brain and our spirit, I think that they make adjustments or test currently

  2. It's the neighbor down the street….pulling into his driveway. He needs new brake pads.

  3. Hulsie says:

    Even when/if they find the source of the sound, it's still scary af

  4. This event is just one of many happening all over the world.

  5. Actually a bigger question is: How can such things happen and HLS , NSA FBI Police etc… not know what it is? Think about it. somebody or something is creating this sound… Maybe it natural but what if its not? Its the same story like the sonic booms heard round the world.  Nobody knows anything. well hopefully no terrorist will take advantage of the (I don't know nuthin attitude) of government agencies.. It all boils down to this: 1) agencies are incapable of protecting us, hence they know nothing…OR 2) they know but are not saying ..that equals they are not to be trusted

  6. It's Luxxeh says:

    it's aliens ? :^)

  7. Get the same thing here in Orange County, CA from time to time. Not as high pitch, but definitely flute-like.

  8. Agan jengkol says:

    Gozzila in action bro….

  9. sounds kinda like a air-horn like in the towers for logging but they don't make long blasts unless you take your thumb off the button. it could be malfunctioning or some drunk watchman playing around with one. they are in the woods after all.

  10. Amanda Lah says:

    Sounds like a train breaking.

  11. sounds like a train whistle

  12. Redruxing says:

    illuminati ????

  13. never heard that sound in forestgrove

  14. i live 15 minutes from forest grove;and i think i'm going to take a drive in the middle of the night.

  15. It was crazy that night I saw it.

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