Strong Crosswinds at Birmingham Airport BHX, UK! | 29/03/16


This video is property of Train_PlaneHub, “RachaelMatt” 1080p HD! Another trip to Birmingham airport, this time to catch the new daily A380 service which now …


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  1. oh and another sugestion try and do a full flight video on a thomas cook airbusA321 on mt 6019 from newcastle int'l, NCL to lanzarote, ACE thank you.

  2. malek siala says:

    there is a small door open 3:34

  3. "Another one coming in! Another one!!!" 😀
    That's a pretty good view of the A380!

  4. That kid is anoying as hell.

  5. The Emirates A-380 landing was awesome!!

  6. Interesting anonymous 737 27:25. Someone called Cello Aviation apparently.

  7. Pilot738 says:

    Fantastic compilation! Thumbs up! :D

  8. Very, very good. Thanks for your video

  9. lakai2305 says:

    what plane is that KLM at 0:55?

  10. shut up the children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. RichyJam2011 says:

    since when has the a340 been operating out of BHX?

  12. RichyJam2011 says:

    Great video btw!! subbed

  13. Craig says:

    That SA A340 is a regular here at Perth, Australia.

  14. Rep Negrao says:

    1 de Abriu porra.

  15. Rep Negrao says:

    Isso vai ser usado a favor dos verdadeiros golpistas.

  16. Almost scraping wing across the Tarmac

  17. JakobEk says:

    Great video!

  18. ahahm says:

    beautiful video!!

  19. John Kinnane says:

    You need a wind shield over the mike

  20. Why the propels seem to run so slow??????????????????

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