Superbowl 2017 ‘GROUND ZERO’ The Unveiling Of The seven Seals Of The Apocalypse Reserve Of Revelation ARMAGEDDON –( Saint Andréas )– Return Of The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is Soon!

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  1. in the last days there will be lots of false prophets this might be one lmfao

  2. Joseph Mccue says:

    doesn't the Bible says that ONLY the father will the hour? every year someone is always claiming that that year is the last year and always is wrong. so it's pretty obvious by now that no one knows when the end will come so how's about stop playing God making false predictions

  3. A BK says:

    Trying to make a connection between sport ball and Revelations… it would be amusing if it weren't so pathetic. Stop with your vile blasphemy. You're being a petty, narcissistic, attention seeking fool. Probably, because you've been poisoning your mind with Jewish filth.

  4. God give us Strength to pray! ! Jesus said to us FEAR NOT!!! AMEN!!!

  5. Rica Bogdany says:

    ????? Bravo! ☀️?✨

  6. Worst video I've ever seen

  7. Aleksandr says:

    Hollywood? Superbowl is over and none of this happened. There is always next year because you did not get it right in 2017. You do know Revelation was a dream. Christians are not to adverse on dreaming and dream interpretation. You do know well I guess not that the Bible was never to be interpreted literally. It is written in an arcane code. So you will never get it right. Give up!

  8. Terry Hanley says:

    Jesus saith unto him, Fucking get on with your message…your intro is shit…

  9. Da Vegan says:

    If you are not VEGAN then you are worshiping satan whether you are conscious of it or not.

  10. RANA LACHMAN says:

    I Have Only Let The Ad Play. Placed My Comment And Stopped Watching! Evil & Its Sneaky Wicked Servants ( The Wolves In Sheep Clothing ) & The Ignorant People Thinking They Are Exposing Them! These Events Are Loaded With Subliminal Frequencies That Pollute Your Mind Slowly, How Longer You Watch, So Do Not Watch & Spent Time On These Satanic BS! REBUKE Them In LORD JESUS CHRIST NAME! And Stop Watching! Or If Need To Watch Pray That It Will Not Effect You And I Hope The LORD Will Grant You HIS Protection. February 7, 2017 At 18.57 Hrs. ~.~

  11. davie wonkie says:

    Well NOthing happened! When is your next BULLSHIT SCARE?

  12. stupid waste of time

  13. Tompa Noname says:

    …and the Patriots won….

  14. Kev Bar says:

    nothing happened

  15. Perry James says:

    Why would this be considered an appropriate commercial advertisement for an American football game? Open your eyes people.

  16. sweetpeaz81 says:

    I REALLY hope this is your last video…

  17. people like you are the saddest most pathetic weak people. ..that is why it is your last video …because you are just sad

  18. try to get disciplined before doing this ……you are a false prophet

  19. They are going to have to go into overtime for yhat

  20. so they are supposed to be down 4 before the end of the game?

  21. The intro says "Trust Not In Man"? So why am I supposed to trust you?! lol

  22. MrGtoriginal says:

    Shove your stupid illuminati bullshit up your ass.

  23. AKU says:

    It's not armageddon, that was an X-Men commercial.

  24. PLEASE!!  Please for the love of God spell GENESIS correctly!

  25. mike mcgloin says:

    matt 24;29…..hear and see

  26. Leon Seva says:

    Wow. Can we stone you to death if this doesn't happen?

  27. ricky Wells says:

    so-called fortune-telling Christians give us real Christians a bad name

  28. ricky Wells says:

    to everyone who wakes up Monday morning after the Superbowl and realizes the bad that they were hoping was going to happen has not should take the day off to pray to God and not live in fear

  29. 11:11 says:

    Fear is not the answer.

  30. Miss Daisy says:

    What movie/s were done of the clips from? Like the lucifer guy and matrix looking Neo ?

  31. Armageddon is not destruction. Armageddon is a place God will take those who are saved.

  32. Jonny Mason says:

    Fuck man the music ruins it

  33. Riff Franco says:

    Straight crazy !!! Wow

  34. Dane Pickens says:

    Scientology bullshit

  35. Joel Garcia says:

    Well if it's the last Super Bowl then at least we'll be lucky enough to have Lady Gaga singing! ❤

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