Supercar Arrivals @ Cars & Croissants // Santana Row June 2016


Enjoy a parade of supercars on a sunny June morning in Silicon Valley, California. Check out exotics from the best manufacturers in the world! Thx to 100|OCT …


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  1. Excellent videos as always. Thank you very much for the work you do.

  2. Dante' D' says:

    Nice. .good quality picture.

  3. mdoe8 says:

    That 599 is nutty

  4. Is this a bit of an older video?

  5. andrew uribe says:

    You should go to the Krispy Kreme meet in August some where in San Diego,it's mostly tuners but massive

  6. What à Nice video and beautiful cars!

  7. Manusfilms says:

    This makes me miss this event even more!  Thanks a lot lol.  Hope things are going good for you!

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